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Choosing the right ecommerce platform is an extremely important decision for your business. If you get it right, you'll have a solid foundation for your business's success online. If you get it wrong, there'll be additional expenses, disruption to your business and ongoing problems. You need the right combination of software, infrastructure, support and experience. Software that is scalable, functionally rich and easy to implement, and the peace of mind that it has been tested and proven in different business situations. The most important thing to consider is 'try before you buy'. Create some demo shops, review the functionality and ask as many questions as possible. You can call eCorner directly on 1800 033 845. 





ecommerce software requirementsGetting to the right software decision

  1. Have a clear set of requirments that are prioritised for your business
  2. Find a supplier that you can talk with that's willing to share their experiences
  3. Get references and talk to them
  4. Understand the total cost of ownership of the package offered
  5. Try before you buy!


How much does eCommerce software cost?


Costs will depend on the size and complexity of the website and environment that you want to build.

Costs will consist of recurring costs like rental and hosting, and implementation costs to build the site and get it up and running.

For example, our recurring costs start at just $29 / month (including the store and hosting) and scale up to packages suitable for any business.

Building the website means creating a theme (design), and adding structure (categories) and content (like products, blogs, forums and much more). So there may be a cost related to getting your online store up and running, depending on how much you want to do yourself.

eCorner is happy to discuss your requirements and provide a obligation free, fixed cost quote, if you complete our eCommerce Quote Form or give us a call.


What is the recommended eCommerce Software for your business?


We believe the right answer to that question is ePages!

ePages eCommerce Software

eCorner uses ePages to deliver your Australian eCommerce solution 'on-demand'. Whether you need a customized eCommerce platform or a "do-it-yourself" SaaS based online store, ePages can handle the task. ePages is an award winning eCommerce system and has been used to build over 150,000 online stores worldwide; and is a complete eCommerce and Shopping Cart solution. That means that you get everything that you need to run a successful online business from eCorner using ePages customised to your requirements.

ePages is a feature rich solution that can be deployed as a dedicated or SaaS solution you can read more about ePages features.


eCommerce solutions for ALL types of businesses


LinkWholesale and Dropshipping

ecommerce for mass hosting service providersMass Hosted eCommerce

epages ecommerce for sap business oneeCommerce for SAP Business One

hosted online shops for small businessB2B eCommerce Software Solution

custom ecommerce for online retailCustom eCommerce for Online Retail

ePages enterprise features and pricing 2015ePages Features Tour

Enterprise eCommerce Solutions

eCorner provides enterprises with advanced, secure Australian based eCommerce Software and solutions using ePages

eCommerce integrations for ERP and Accounting Solutions

eCorner specialises in secure eCommerce solutions for enterprises with integration to many ERP and Accounting packages

B2B eCommerce solutions for online business

B2B eCommerce solutions for online business

eCorner can deliver a business to business (B2B) ecommerce solution for your business quickly at a cost that you can afford

ePages Multi-stores - Multi-plying your sales network

ePages Multistores pre-configured, simple to run affiliate shops which can exchange data with your centralised database for wholesales or drop-ship business models.

SAP Business One eCommerce

eCorner eCommerce Solutions using ePages & Coresuite eCommerce for SAP Business One gets your business online

eCommerce for Automotive & Parts Dealers - Pentana Solutions ERAnet

eCorner eCommerce Solutions using ePages & Pentana Solutions gets your automotive & parts business online

Engage customers - Multi-channel & Omni-channel Retail

ePages eCommerce software is built to meet the needs of a multi-channel and omni-channel environment for small and large retailers

What is eCommerce and how to get started?

eCorner provide eCommerce for all types of business so what is an ecommerce solution and how do you get started selling online?

Secure Hosting for eCommerce and Online Applications

Virtual servers ready for your secure applications and managed to PCI compliance standards by eCorner in our  Private Cloud

Costs and Issues for Enterprise Scale eCommerce

Making a decision on an Enterprise level eCommerce Solution can be difficult as there are many options so let eCorner help.

Choosing the right eCommerce Software

How do you choose the right eCommerce Software for your business here are some tips and advice.


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