Using the eCorner Shipping by Weight & Regions ...

Using the eCorner Shipping by Weight & Regions Calculator for ePages V6.15

Using the eCorner Shipping by Weight & Regions Calculator for ePages V6.15


The ‘Basket Weight and Region Automatic’ delivery calculates the delivery cost for the products in the customer’s shopping basket. It does this by automatically selecting the delivery region based on the delivery address post code. This minimises the need for multiple shipping methods. Shipping by weight and region improves the basket flow for the customer.

This guide has been prepared to assist the merchant with setting up and managing this delivery method. We strongly recommend that you read this entire guide before setting up the ‘Basket Weight and Region Automatic’ delivery method for your online shop.

Download the full guide to Setting Up Shipping by Weight and Regions Automatic - Click Here.


  1. Delivery cost is calculated automatically based on the weight of products in the shopping basket and delivery address post code.
  2. Multiple instances of the shipping method can be created if necessary.
  3. Every instance of the shipping method has a maximum basket weight which can be selected as either grams, kilograms, milligrams, ounces, pounds or tons. The default weight unit setting is grams.
  4. If the weight of products in the customer’s shopping basket goes over a shipping method’s maximum basket weight limit then that shipping method becomes unavailable and the customer is asked to choose a different shipping method (if available).
  5. Delivery costs are calculated using a base value together with a cost per selected weight unit (e.g. grams, kilograms, milligrams, ounces, pounds or tons) and a percentage surcharge.
  6. Default delivery costs can be used to calculate delivery cost if a delivery address postcode does not exist in any of the delivery method’s regions. If not required this feature can be disabled so that an order can not use the delivery method unless the delivery address postcode exists.
  7. The shipping method allows you to import shipping matrixes from different shipping companies, such as eParcel from Toll, so you only need one shipping method for each company instead of many.


  1. Please be aware that this shipping method will not work with PayPal Express. PayPal Express skips the important stage in the shopping basket where customers specify the delivery address post code which means that the delivery cost cannot be calculated.
  2. Region names must be capitalised and not contain any spaces. This will be enforced automatically. For example, entry of "Sydney Metro" will become "SYDNEYMETRO".  This occurs whether manually creating the shipping method regions or using the CSV Import/Export feature to import region information from a CSV (Comma Separated Variables) formatted data file.

Delivery Method Setup


Click ‘Delivery’ from the Settings tab in the Merchant Back Office (MBO).

On the Delivery methods page select the delivery option ‘Basket Weight and Region Automatic’ from the dropdown list at the bottom of the Type column.


Choose the name that represents your shipping method. For example, if you are inputting a matrix of weight based delivery cost levels from Toll then you may wish to call it Toll.


Click the Save button.



After the page has been redisplayed then click “Complete it



Setting up the Weight & Regions Shipping Calculator in ePages