Shopping Cart Software

Shopping Cart Software

Web 2.0 Shopping Cart - Included in eCorner's eCommerce SolutionePages Web 2.0 Shopping Cart


Online Shopping Cart Software is the key components of any online store so the eCommerce shopping basket or online shopping cart has to work well.

What is a Web 2.0 eCommerce Shopping Cart?

The quick answer is that it is a capability that is enabled on a website that will allow you to view a product online, add it to the shopping cart or basket and then securely "check out" or pay for the product. Web 2.0 allows for a great level of functionality with the shopping cart and new features that enable more social interaction. In general most websites do not have shopping cart capabilities but it is necessary if you are going to sell online through your website. The shopping cart must be flexible and safe. Once you have added products to the basket it should lead you through a progression of steps to a final payment process. Along the way it will collect information about the buyer, the shipping address, special requirements, add tax if needed and then allow you to securely enter credit card or payment details via secured pages with an SSL Certificate and using HTTPS.

You can rent a store from eCorner that does not need to have additional shopping cart software added. The shopping cart and software you use is often the critical part of the delivery of an eCommerce solution that goes wrong. ePages delivers a web store shopping basket with some important functionality that is included with every online store. It's not some 'added feature' or plug-in and that's what makes the eCorner Stores Plus online shop and online shopping cart software and solution so easy to use and so successful for our customers. It can help make your business a success as well.

The online shopping basket or online shopping cart is the place where most sales are lost in an online ecommerce business. So the functionality, simplicity and security of the shopping basket and checkout process is very important. The shopping basket or cart must contain the features that allow your customers to easily manage their own sale.

Key Capabilities and Features of ePages Integrated Shopping Cart Software

  • Clear graphical order steps and process
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple currencies
  • Advanced item/quantity/weight/size selection capabilities
  • Minimum basket price option
  • Advanced basket price calculations
  • Multiple customer groups linked to price lists and discounts
  • Value and quantity-based discounts
  • Links to products in the basket
  • Multiple shipping methods
  • Multiple shipping addresses (for registered customers)
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multiple tax areas
  • Payment method by region or tax area
  • Relationships between shipping and payment
  • Easily modifiable help text before and after the basket
  • Flexible content for quantities
  • Customer entry field for order information
  • Clearly outline tax components (GST)
  • Gross and net tax calculation methods
  • Basket to wishlist (and reverse) function
  • Coupon code and ability to redeem in basket
  • Ask a question about
  • Ratings and Review
  • B2B or B2C
  • Product and customer specific payment and shipping
  • Acceptance of terms and conditions before checkout
  • Ability to register as member during checkout
  • Ability to log-in in basket
  • Advanced cross sell capability
  • Advanced out-of-stock handling
  • Basket encryption and SSL protected
  • Multiple methods of discount in basket
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Mini-basket view
  • Smart basket icons and links
  • Full mobile support for smartphones and tablets
  • Social media integartion
  • Facebook shop
  • Portal integartion - eBay, Amazon, Getprice and more
  • download a full feature list here