Shopping Cart Software Australia

Shopping Cart Software Australia

Local Hosted Online Shop and Shopping Cart for Australia and New Zealand

Now is such an opportune time for existing 'bricks and mortar' retailers or new 'pure play' online retailers to review their online strategies and capitalise on growth in online sales in Australia. Australian businesses have a great opportunity to grow their business sales in tandem with the upward tread in online sales and to offer safe local alternatives for customers who buy from overseas online stores.

Australia and New Zealand are a safe places for online stores

  1. We have great consumer protection which makes online shopping more acceptable.
  2. We have a strong regulatory framework protecting both consumers and merchants.
  3. We have a safe and solid banking environment.
  4. We have a range of quality shipping and logistics companies that know Australian and know about shipping overseas.
  5. We have a host of reliable technology companies that can provide services and infrastructure.
  6. We have a rapidly improving communications network that provided broadband access at reasonable prices.
  7. We have one of the world fastest growing mobile user bases.

Perceived inhibitors

  1. It’s all too hard! I don’t have the time and I don’t understand.
  2. It costs too much to sell online.
  3. Online sales take business from existing stores or channels.
  4. I can’t compete with large offshore stores.
  5. Web developers are expensive or difficult to find and trust.
  6. I can’t get an online merchant bank account or costs to high
  7. I’m afraid of fraud, someone will steal my products
  8. Shipping and logistics is too complex or expensive

There are thousands of Australian businesses who want to sell online but are worried about the inhibitors. eCorner can help and we provide a lot of assistance and advice to companies who want to start selling online. The technology is now available to businesses of any size to enable them to get online easily and quickly. In the past, a fully functioning website with eCommerce (online shopping basket) may have cost a business $10,000’s of dollars to develop and then $100’s of dollars each month to run. For a large retailer you could multiple that 10-fold. And if changes were needed it required costly developer resources. As browser technology evolved (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome etc) these bespoke websites required constant changes to be kept 'up-to-date' or they failed.

Now we have fully hosted and managed eCommerce platforms with the capability to generate a new online store in minutes. These stores include hosting, technical support and application management for less than AUD$100 a month. The underlying software gets automatically updated with new features and functions without the store owner knowing or doing anything. So rather than spending $10,000’s on technology that needs constant maintenance business can put that money to marketing and customer support. SMEs can build and manage their own content without technical developer assistance.

eCorner have customers and partners all over Australia and New Zealand. To contact a local partner or eCorner call Australia Fee Call - 1800 033 845 or New Zealand 0800 501 017.

Check out our eCommerce Solution Packages we have packages to suit any business small or large.

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