Free DIY themes

We know that your online shop design is important so we give you the best tools to make it easy


You can use as many of the themes as you want and they are all fully customisable allowing you to create that perfect design for your online store. Not only that but you can have multiple designs and easily swap them maybe for special promotions, holiday buying or even just the seasons.


Quick Design Manager - the store owners tool


The built-in design manager allows you to make the changes you need. You can change the size of all the areas in the themes, change colours, add backgrounds, modify fonts, sytles and position of the various pre-built naviation items like the shopping basket, search boxes, account sign-up, newsletter sign-up and lots more.

You can view a tutorial video that explains the basics about design at the YouTube ePages Channel - Design Tutorial.


Built in Design Manager allows you to customise templates as you need with ePages


Each of the pre-built navigation items can be individually styled for your design.

You can even build your own navigation items that can be custom fitted to your website using the design manager.


Free Header and Background image library


You can select from any of the free business themed header and background images that are available via the Design Manager or the Setup Assistant. All are perfectly sized to fit into any of the templates available. Or you can upload your own images and add them to the template to create your unique style.


Own Themes


Every online store can have multiple different styles that can be activated at the click of a button. This allows you to create those special styles for seasonal use or maybe just the huge promotion that you are planning. And they are all FREE.


Advanced Design Manager - the designers tool


If you have some design or web skills we provide a special tool just for you - the Advanced Design Manager.

Using the Advanced Design Manager the only limitation is your imagination. We allow you to export styles so that you can save them offline or even import them into another ePages online store.


ePages Advanced Design Manger



Video Tutorials on YouTube ePages Channel - more about design




Learn more about ePages design by downloading the Design Guide


You can download the Shop Design and Layout Guide by clicking here - you will need a PDF reader.


Custom Design Packages - Create a great User Experience with Design My Shop


Got a special design in mind? With an online store package from eCorner you can have you very own personalised design that will make your online store stand out from the crowd. Best of all it will work on any device - Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile out-of-the-box.

You can check our the packages and options at Design My Shop.


There is a great selection of free design themes available - each can be easily customised to fit your design requirements

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