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Website Quality Review

Website Quality Review

Align your Business and Website Goals

eCorner will initially review and quality check your website for best possible eCommerce conversions and results. Part of the service it to establish an initial score and set of issues. We will then work with you to determine the goals for the quality review service. It is important to set the goals so that we can track and manage progress. Each engagement is handled personally and there are regular review meetings to determine that the competition and keywords that are tracked are accurate for your business. Each review is a project that will deliver key data analysis to improve your business results online and also it can help improve off-line sales.
eCorner uses a number of services to track and report including MOZ Pro, Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, Wagtail Analytics & Reporting, Google Analytics and Google Adwords Tools.
Do you really know what Google thinks about your website? We can help you get your business goals and website search results aligned.
Google-WebmasterIncluded in each project:
  • Initial review meeting and scope of work
  • Initial Quality Report
  • Quality report review
  • Review Wagtail and / or Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords Keyword and Landing page review
  • Ongoing site updates and changes (requires administrative access)
  • Fortnightly project updates
  • Weekly Quality Report
  • End of project review and assessment
  • Monitoring and tracking

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So what do we do differently?


eCorner works with you to analyse your website based on your goals and our knowledge of the technology. We use a number of tools to assist us to get the best intelligence and produce accurate information based on your business. So we do not just look at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but rather the quality of the website content and structure. We also constantly look for opportunities to improve your business results.

We use some key reporting systems that are provided by MOZ the world's leader in search and keyword analysis and optimisation.



Keyword Tracking and Ranking


eCorner will track activity and results for your website on a weekly basis and report results to you.

Global Rank Tracking

Track keywords weekly for Google, Bing, and Yahoo in Australia and requested international areas, plus segment them by campaign, keyword label and location.

Search Visibility Score

Represent overall rankings performance with one metric based on positions and Click Through Rates (CTRs).

Competitor Rank

Tracking Discover your top competitors and compare your ranking performance.

Local Rankings

Track geo-targeted keyword rankings at the national, city, and neighborhood levels.

Mobile Rankings

Compare your Mobile vs. Desktop rankings and track your ‘Mobile Friendly’ tags.

Universal, Enhanced Search Rankings

Identify the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) features that drive traffic to your site.


keyword-explore-ecorner-rKeyword Research


eCorner will help you determine which keywords your website focuses on and which keywords work for you.

Intuitive Suggestions

Go beyond raw term and phrase matching to stay ahead of the demand curve by targeting long-tail opportunities.

Metrics That Matter

Build and prioritize lists with comprehensive scoring in one place — Volume, Difficulty, Opportunity, Potential, and Customizable Scores.

Accurate Volume Estimates

Effectively predict how much search volume a keyword will receive with more than 90% accuracy.

Largest High-Quality Database

Do better research in less time — Access half a billion quality vetted keywords, with millions more added each month.

Imports and Exports

Analyze, categorize, and prioritize existing lists — Export well-formatted suggestions, lists, and metrics to CSV.

SERP Analysis

Understand why pages rank where they do with a SERP analysis breakdown of link and social data on each ranking position.


site-explorer-ecorner-rLink Analysis and Management


eCorner will access and evaluate the links that are accessable to and from your website.

Link Profile Analysis

Explore and measure your backlinks, most valuable pages, linking domains, and anchor text.

Industry-leading Metrics

Leverage the most trusted link metrics in the industry – Moz Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Link Opportunities

Discover unlinked mentions, reclaim broken links, find competitive link opportunities, and get site contact information.

Competitive Link Metrics

See how your link profile stacks up against the competition.

Spam Analysis

Avoid penalties and expedite link cleanup by auditing your site for potentially harmful links.

Fresh Links

Find recently published pages within hours and capitalize on them while they’re still fresh.


page-optimisation-ecorner-rWebsite Crawl, Diagnostics and Page Optimisation


eCorner will be constantly looking at your website using MOZ as well as our own analytics systems.

On-demand Site Audits

Unlimited audits of any public website with up to 1 million pages.

Crawl Alerts

Receive notifications of new problems as they arise.


Uncover site crawlability issues such as duplicate content and titles, broken links, missing page elements, and crawl errors.

Critical Issues Review

For critical issues we will contact you directly and notify you of the issue and the necessary remediation required.

Page Optimisation Reports

Run an instant audit of your on-page SEO and optimize your pages for specific keywords and relevant topics.

Page Opportunities

Uncover opportunities on pages with high ranking potential.

Page Optimisation Checklist

Improve your rankings by following our list of tailored SEO recommendations.


Get a Free Quick Quality Report


The report is a useful tool in improving your presence on search engines and improving your website quality overall. The report looks at over 40 factors that will impact your website results. The free Website Quality Quick Report is available for eCorner customers, and those running a 30 day trial store. It is created by crawling up to 3,000 pages of your website with an automated software system that analyses your website for any problems that may affect your search engine ranking. The report takes up to a day to complete and is delivered to you as a CSV file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel or similar.

The first row of the file contains the headings that describe the content. eCorner will identify any serious issues and offer a solution that you can implement. The report can be run 4 times a year for free. Below is a listing of the column headings and an explanation of what each result means.

You can read more about the free quick quality reports in our Blog - Website Quality Report & Review.


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Align your business and website goals.

eCorner will undertake a detailed site quality review using enterprise grade search engine marketing and improvement tools. You will get to see the opportunites and improvements that can mean more business and better conversions online.

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