Creating your Facebook Shop

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Creating your Facebook Shop

Creating your Facebook Shop

What is a Facebook Shop?

If you have a Facebook business Page, you can add a shop. You can use this section to list products you're selling and connect with more customers on Facebook.

While any business can have a shop, this feature best serves merchants, retail and e-commerce advertisers. We recommend it for businesses selling apparel, accessories (including bags and luggage), home furnishings and baby or kids' products. But other types of businesses can still use a shop to reach more people on Facebook.

You can find out more about Facebook Shops by going to the Facebook Shop Information.

For an example go to the eCorner Facebook Shop.

Download the Integration and User Guide here.

Getting Your Products to Facebook

In the past eCorner provided a Facebook add-on that created a shop on Facebook. The method that was used to connect your products to Facebook and has since been removed.

The best method is to use a data feed file from your online store that is updated daily automatically by the online shop system to your Facebook Shop. Once created the system will automatically update the data feed and Facebook will fetch the new data and update existing products or create new products. Products added to Facebook must be deleted manually in Facebook if deleted from your online store.

The information in this guide will go through the steps to add a new data feed which adds products to your Facebook catalogue.

fb13Getting Started at Facebook

You will need to add a shop tab at Facebook if one is not already setup.

Go to your Business page >> Settings >> Templates and tabs.

Then at the bottom you will see a link to “Add a Tab”

Select from the list available the “Shop” tab.

NOTE: If you have an existing Shop on Facebook using the old integration then you can delete the app from Facebook and remove the Shop Tab.



Managing Facebook Shop and Catalogue

Once you have added the Shop tab go to your business Facebook page and click on the Shop tab.

NOTE: In order to manage “Catalogues” you need to add one product manually to the Shop.

Add a product manually

  1. On a computer, click the Shop tab on your Page. It's not currently possible to add products from a phone.
  2. Click Add Product. You can add products into collections as well.
  3. Add images or videos and a title for your product. We recommend using a short title and avoiding symbols (such as ! * $ ?).
  4. Add product details. Describe major features and list relevant information such as size, dimensions, care instructions, fitting charts and warranty information. Avoid including website links or company-specific information.
  5. Add an inventory count. To add options such as size and colour for your product, click Edit Options.
  6. Choose your delivery options, return policy and product category (if available).
  7. Click Save when you've finished.

Facebook Catalogue

Click on the “Manage your Catalogue” button to go to the Catalogue Manager.


Upload a Product Feed

In the Facebook Catalogue manager click on the “Product Data Sources” link in the menu.


Download the Guide to Adding a Facebook Shop.

eCorner Facebook Shop GuideeCorner have created a short guide to take you through all the steps to set up your Facebook Shop and a data feed.

Click here to download the guide.




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