eCorner is upgrading again - mark the 7th April...

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eCorner is upgrading again - mark the 7th April in your calendar


What can you expect from the upgrade?

Linkedin-upgrade_ePages_Spring2015On the evening of Thursday 7th April our systems will be taken off line so that we can perform a core software upgrade. There are numerous technical changes and improvements taking place many of which will not be noticed. These include additional security changes and a change to the version of the MySQL data base. There are also lots of new and improved features and we have covered a few of those below.

This upgrade will only impact those customers using the Cloud Web, Cloud Catalogue, Cloud Starter, Cloud Shop, Cloud Merchant or Cloud Enterprise packages. The upgrade will also impact all 30 day free trial websites. You will receive an email notification if your website is included in the upgrade.

How long will it take?

We expect the system to be off-line from approximately 9:00PM AEST until 5:00AM AEST 8th April. During this time there will be a maintenance message displayed to all of the people that visit your website.

What should you do?

You need to stop making content changes to the website before 9:00PM on the night of 7th April. We will send out an email and notice via Facebook and Twitter when the upgrade is completed.

What version of ePages will this be?

We are upgrading to version 6.17.41 of ePages and there are a number of changes to the core software and also our locally developed integrations for payments and shipping.

Will there be a backup in case of problems?

The first step in our upgrade process is to take a backup copy of our entire system. In the unlikely event of an issue occuring that will be used to restore the whole system back to a stable state.

Enabling the App and Themes Store menu

We began the process of enabling the App and Theme store in the last upgrade. After this upgrade you will be able to connect and add new Apps and Themes. Some of the Apps may need an account with a third party provider. There will be downloadable themes that will require a payment before they can be downloaded.

We are also offering a complete theme install and customisation process for our customers and you can find more information at

What are the main changes?

Enable the usage of SSL throughout the whole shop

We used to redirect to http for non-critical actions such as simple browsing. It is now possible to run the shop entirely on https provided it has its own certificate. Google has started to add a small improvement in ranking for those websites that use HTTPS throughout the whole website. You can read more about this at the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

You will need a private SSL certificate if you want to take advantage of this feature and eCorner can provide SSL certificates starting from $185 for 2 years.

eC_Paypal_logoPayPal Express: provide an option to hide PayPal Express during the normal checkout

We introduced the option to hide PayPal in the normal single step checkout (while still showing the Express button on the basket page). This option is needed if PayPal Plus and the PayPal Express shortcut button are used at the same time.


Integration of PayPal Plus. With PayPal Plus it is possible for the end customer to check out paying with credit card or ELV without having to create a PayPal Account. In Addition there is an improved onboarding / setup process for merchants that want to set the payment method up.

HTTPS for contact form

Customer can send a contact form from the web site to the shop administrator. To improve the security of the customer data the form will be send via HTTPS.

eC_EBay_logoNew mandatory attributes for eBay

eBay has introduced new mandatory attributes for some categories which we submit now. These attributes may not always be required and where not eBay can be notified. There are also some new mandatory attributes for variation products in eBay which we have added.

You can read more information about how eBay is handling attribute data at the eBay Sellercentre.

Option for non-public offers on the details page of the eBay assistant

An option for non-public offers has been added to the eBay offer details page.

Do not use "New product type" as the standard setting in the variation wizard

The above mentioned behaviour led to the eventual consumption of all product types allowed in the corresponding shop-type. It is now necessary to make a conscious selection.

Added e-mail footer to form e-mails as well

Using a user-generated form (content/categories) the result in the SF is an e-mail to the merchant. But as registered customer you're getting a copy of this e-mail.  It looks very technical and it's maybe confusing, since there's no shop name or address in this e-mail.

Other improvements and bug fixes.

In addition to the items above there have been numerous improvements made that do not directly impact Australian and New Zealand shops.

There have also been a number of small bug fixes that have been applied.

What is coming next?

Fully responsive storefront editor

ePages is developing a completely new storefront editor in fully responsive design. Merchants will be able to easily build or adapt their online shop according to their preferences simply via drag&drop and optimise the user experience for all kind of devices. The new design manager that enables the responsive design will mean that the separate mobile view will become optional. We will provide more information and availability over the next few months.

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