Online Success is Measurable – Indicators of Su...

Online Success is Measurable – Indicators of Success

These are important questions that you will be faced with if you want lasting success with an online sales model. In the end you will want to know if your company is successful or not in selling online. Unfortunately, many business people are still judging the efficiency of their online store on the basis of subjective estimates. In doing so, the success of eCommerce sites is often overestimated – or incorrectly underestimated. Simply being online is no guarantee of success when there are millions of other stores. And the sheer numbers of visitors to your site says just as little about the success of your store.

For this reason, an internet-based sales system always includes efficient and transparent measurements which make it possible to objectively judge success based on reliable information.

The following rule of thumb applies:
The higher the net margin, ratio of regular customers, the turnover per customer and the conversion rate is and the lower the acquisition costs for new customers are, the more efficient your online business is.

We recommend a web analytics system be used to track results. This could be Google Analytics as an example or we use and recommend the “etracker” Web Analytics which allows you to keep an eye on the most important key figures and can measure and judge the performance of your store at any time – all relevant data is generated and clearly displayed at the click of a button.

The following overview shows the key indicators of success that you should regularly retrieve and continually evaluate for your online sales activities:

  Good performance Poor performance  
 Ratio of regular customers High Low
 Turnover per customer High Low
 Conversion rate High Low
 Costs for new customer acquisition Low High
 Net margin High Low
 Uncompleted orders Few Many
 Customer satisfaction HighLow


These “hard”, distinctly measurable indicators of success can be use to clearly differentiate successful online stores from less successful ones. You should always keep an eye on these key figures if you want long-term and lasting success.

Many potential customers use the internet to help themselves make a purchasing decision and then don’t buy “online”, but “offline” in a bricks and mortar store instead. This “offline” turnover induced by the eCommerce site is often not assessed by companies with both a virtual and physical presence. The “offline purchases” generated by the eCommerce store should always be taken into account when assessing online operations because in the end it really does not matter where your customer made the purchase.

Another key indicator of success is the increase in customer satisfaction through improved service and special offers for regular customers. In the long-term, this increase in customer satisfaction will also be noticeable by improved customer relations and ultimately by rising turnover per customer. The regular assessment of customer satisfaction, e.g. through surveys or customer feedback forms is thus a must for every online merchant.