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Proudly Australian

eCornerâ„¢ is a Proudly Australian service provider of advanced Australian eCommerce websites that has been specialising in eCommerce since 2004.

With eCorner you can feel secure that your eCommerce Website and all your business data is hosted and managed in Australia.

We provide Managed Virtual Servers for key business and government customers.

Multi-Store Solution

Key Features

  •   Multiple stores
  •   Single point administration
  •   Retail or Franchise
  •   Australian hosted
  •   Fully customisable
  •   Catalogue sync
  •   Sync orders
  •   PCI DSS compliant

eCommerce for Business and Government

Managed Solutions to eCommerce Problems.

Multi-Store Commerce Built to Support Your Business Model

Run multiple online stores with one catalogue and order management system

  • How can you increase the points of sale for your products in the internet?
  • How can you get to know your customers better?
  • How can you bind your dealer network closer through new service offerings?
  • How can you better control the eCommerce activities of your dealer network?

With Multi-stores, you give your dealers preconfigured, simple to run affiliate shops which can exchange data with your centralised database. Your dealers set up their individual online shops in just a few steps ? and you implement a theoretically unlimited sales network online.

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Multi-stores  - business model

You can not only reproduce your existing dealer network, but also set up a whole new affiliate network. Using ePages, several business models are possible with the main difference lying in the order-handling process.

In the 'e-retail' model, you leave the order-processing to your dealers, who have often built up good customer relationships and allow picking up the ordered goods in their stores.

The 'dropshipping' concept is implemented without any physical contact by the dealers with the ordered goods. The shopping cart is transferred to your central eCommerce system and your infrastructure handles the further steps in the process.

Key Benefits of Multi-store

  Busines Model

Ability to enable a multi-storefront online retail or dropship solution from the one platform.

  Drag and Drop

Create an entire catalogue with categories and products using drag and drop from a master catalogue to individual stores.

  centralise Ordering and Payment

Orders and payments cna be processed at individual stores and sync'ed to the master. Or all ordering and payment can be managed through one central locatiion.

  Centrally Managed Logistics

Process orders using the preferred logistics of the master store or process at each multi-store.

  Managed Content Across Stores

Restrict the editing and uupdating of product or category content to the master store administration..

  Intrusion Protection

Malicious activity and cyber attacks are now a day to day risk with all businesses. eCorner's systems are protected with the highest levels of security and intrusion protection including always on Distrbuted Denial of Service (DDoS) protection.

  Payment Card Industry Compliant

Hardened to PCI DSS compliance standards (eCorner can assist with compliance for your applications). All eCorner virtual servers sit within the same PCI DSS compliant infrastructure as our hosted online stores, and are protected by the same multiple layers of firewalls, load balancers and security services.

  Marketplace Integration

Send your products to other marketplaces like eBay, Amazon & Google Shopping. Products can be listed for the whole multi-store environment or a single store.

Multi-stores benefits

With Multistores, you offer real added value: making use of the internet, your dealers can acquire new customer groups and bind existing customers closer to them. Your dealers will appreciate the constant availability of their store but above all the fact that they can adjust and run the store themselves.

You empower companies and people who might never have considered it, to get started in eCommerce. Your dealers can lastingly boost their clearance sale results, and concentrate on their core business without wasting their time learning to program, or handle installations, updates and maintenance.

For you as a wholesaler, Multistores offers you the opportunity to get to know your customers better. You can optimize your special offers and even run and control them centrally. With Multistores, you can standardise your dealers' e-commerce platforms. Time-consuming, individual integrations into your ERP system are no longer necessary.

At the same time, you make sure that the product information which your dealers publish online is current and correct, and that their Multistores reflect the guidelines set out in your reseller contracts.

Multi-stores pricing

Every IT-system is different. Hardly any two reseller networks are exactly alike, and your Multistores solution is just as unique.

The price of the Multistores platform is based on the costs of deploying the solution as well as the rental prices for a central database and the desired configuration of your shops themselves. Additionally, costs for integration, developing, hosting and managing the platform must be added.

We can provide you with a free quote if you complete our eCommerce Quote Form.

Multi-stores Model