Connect an Online Store to eBay & start selling...

Connect an Online Store to eBay & start selling on eBay

Increase your revenue potential with a Multi-Channel solution.

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Yes, you can use your eCorner Online Store and Back Office to sell your products through eBay. If you are an eCorner customer already just contact us at for information about connecting to eBay. You can download some handy help documents from the following links:

How to use the ePages eBay Connector (PDF).

How to add variations to eBay using the ePages connector (PDF).

eBay self start guide for B2C (by eBay) (PDF).

eBay / eCorner webinar replay video - October 2014 (1 hour)


eBay is the ideal additional online sales channel for your business

The eBay platform has not only been established as the most popular shopping portal on the internet, but also increasingly as a sales channel for professional traders and buyers. In fact, more than 90% of all products sold through eBay are sold via PowerSellers – a status awarded to professional high-volume eBay retailers. All sorts of products are offered on eBay, sometimes with price-tags ranging into the millions.

With ePages’ eBay cartridge shop owners can now make cost-effective use of the eBay marketplace as an additional sales channel, and reach out to new markets and new customers. Equally, enterprises can strengthen their presence on the internet by capitalising on eBay’s vast and ever-growing user-base, capturing customers that would not usually have found the company’s website.

On the other hand, eBay PowerSellers can now benefit from the extensive functionality of the ePages platform. With the ePages Back Office, products, customers and orders can be managed simply and efficiently. ePages automates the administrative tasks involved in submitting products to eBay, thereby increasing efficiency, and maximising revenue.

eCorner Connects Your Online Store to eBay and NO Additional Transaction Fees

Unlike other platforms where you are charged additional fees for every order that you receive online at eCorner we do not charge additional transaction fees. Some online store systems will charge you again after the order arrives at the online store in addition to the credit card or PayPal fees. With eCorner you will pay only the eBay fees at eBay for your eBay Store, Listing Fee or Final Value Fee. The paid order will be sent from eBay to the online store for fulfillment and marketing. As eCorner does not charge transaction fee then no additional and unexpected charges will occur.

Benefits of selling through eBay for the online Merchant

Mid-sized businesses can expand their market reach through eBay, and acquire and learn about new types of customer. eBay is also the ideal sales channel for end-of-line items, and for clearance of surplus stock.

eBay PowerSellers are given access to a complete e-Business solution with a professional Back Office for account management. However, ePages can significantly enhance the processes by which products can be edited, customers can be profiled and orders can be managed and fulfilled.

General Features of ePages' eBay integration

Through the use of ePages’ e-Business solutions the process of making a sale on eBay can be centrally controlled. Product data from the ePages system can be presented on the eBay site along with additional information specific to the portal. With the eBay Cartridge the administration and management of all offers and sales processes are carried out exclusively from the ePages Back Office. On completion of a transaction, an order is automatically generated within the ePages system, and as with an ordinary order, can be paid for or invoiced, packed, shipped, tracked and fulfilled using ePages’ comprehensive Back Office management tools.

Stock Level Management - Fully Automated with eCorner and eBay

There are different methods of managing stock levels (inventory) with the eBay connector.

  1. You can update the stock in the online store at the time that you send products to list on eBay.
  2. Or you can update the stock level in the store at the time a product is sold on eBay and the order is sent back to the online store.
  3. Automatic stock update on online store and eBay (see new features at the end of this page).

Stock management can therefore be both ways - sales at eBay will update the stock level in the online store and sales in the online store will update the stock level on eBay.

Exporting products into the eBay Marketplace - fast and user-friendly with ePages

Any product defined in the ePages Back Office has virtually all the attributes required to sell via an eBay auction (product name, description, image, etc.). Through the introduction of an eBay-specific page in the ePages Back Office the Merchant is able to manage the following additional information relating to the auction of his/her goods:

  • Category
  • Quantity
  • Start price (minimum offer)
  • Offer period
  • Payment method
  • "Buy it Now" option Label as "private auction"
  • Good til sold support
  • Highlight offer
  • Current Bid
  • Gallery image
  • Bidder rating
  • eBay Stores Supported
  • Multiple categories supported
  • Use a standard template or create your own eBay template

These attributes can then be reviewed and edited by the merchant on another specially compiled page alongside the standard ePages product data. After publication of the product and purchase data, the Merchant receives his/her specific eBay item number.

The Merchant has the option to define the auction start date and time, and to trigger the auction from the ePages application at the pre-determined time. eBay charges normally associated with using this function do not apply when using our eBay cartridge.

Everything under control: Overview of the auction

The Merchant has the option to define the auction start date and time, and to trigger the auction from the ePages application at the pre-determined time.

For every product ePages lists those auctions and offers that have ended, and those that are still running. By clicking on the eBay item number the Merchant can check on his/her live auctions and offers, or access a detailed page to edit offers and obtain an overview of current bidders.

Account management: when the auction has ended

Once the auction has ended the system automatically creates an order which can then be processed in the ePages Back Office. With orders originating from the eBay marketplace, the Merchant can choose to route a "bidder rating" directly back to eBay to register the quality of each customer. Once the sale is complete the buyer receives an automatic email confirmation from ePages. This email contains a link to a special page in which the shipping address and payment method can be edited.

Reporting on auctions: live and ended

For every product the Merchant can view all related auctions and offers. There is also a list showing the Merchant all live auctions and offers for his/her products on the eBay portal, displaying the most recent auctions at the top of the list. This information can then be filtered to show "all auctions", "live auctions", or "ended auctions" in separate lists. Merchants can see a full summary of their eBay offers at all times.

In a few simple steps you can improve your return on investment and simplify your day. ePages connected to eBay, a Powerful Multi-Channel eCommerce Solution. Contact eCorner for a demonstration or free trial.

STEP 1.  Authenticate your online store with eBay

Step 1 verify your online store with eBay to start selling from ePages

You can add multiple eBay accounts to your online store and send products to one or many different eBay accounts and eBay Stores. Once your site has been authenticated, let ePages do the rest! You can manage your listings and track your sales results from a single management console.

STEP 2.  List your products on eBay—just cruise to the eBay tab and add your new item to eBay

Step 2 list your products on ebay from epages

STEP 3.  Verify your item with eBay and upload to start your sale

Step 3 verify your item in eBay

Orders are the key to a successful online business

STEP 4.  Track your results—every listing is tracked in real time to show your sales results

Step 4. track your ebay sales in your epages back office

STEP 5.  Process your orders and manage your customer relationships

Step 5 manage your orders and customers in your ePages store

New Features Available with ePages eBay integration

There are a couple of new and very useful features that have recently been added to your online store administration if you use eBay.

The first of these is a handy way of mass managing your eBay items in the online store administration. We have introduced an export / import for eBay items.Using import / export you can make mass changes to your eBay items very quickly without needing to open individual items and then making changes using the eBay items wizard. So it is all about saving you time and effort.

You can export your eBay items from the administration by going to Content / categories menu >> Import / Export >> Select eBay items from the drop down menu. This will export ALL eBay items. Or you can select items at Marketing menu >> eBay items >> batch select and then >> use the Export batch function.

Exporting Items on eBay

Importing in updated files

In either case after saving the export CSV file on your computer you can update it using Microsoft Excel or similar and after it is update then import it back into the online store. Just go to Content / categories menu >> Import / export >> select eBay items >> select the import file >> Import.

Real-time update stock levels on eBay listings

There is a new setting in your eBay listing wizard in the online store administration. This new setting enables stock levels that are on existing eBay listings to be updated with the stock levels in the online store. In Step 1 of the eBay item listing wizard you will find a new set of radio buttons that will enable the stock level update. You will need to select “Yes” if you want stock levels from the store to be updated at eBay and “No” if you want fixed stock levels at eBay. This setting will only be available if you use “Fixed price” Item Type for the listing.


Mass Update the Stock Setting

You can use the new export / import if you want to mass update all your listings and change this specific setting. You first export all the items that you want to change and then find the column that is labelled as:

eBay is fully supported in our ‘mass-hosted’ and ‘dedicated’ eCommerce environments. You can implement a ‘multi-channel’ sales strategy for your online business within minutes of opening your online store with eCorner.

You can download our How to use the ePages eBay Connector (PDF) - click here.