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eCornerAssist is here to help you to focus your time on your business rather than in it. Helping stay on top of your business, and helping you grow.

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eCornerAssist and our Partners can provide a range of assistance


Site content management

Getting all your data and content onto your store can be a challenging process, and keeping it up to date can take more time than you have available. We’ll use our knowledge and experience to streamline the process of populating your online store and help you to keep the site updated to ensure your customers find what they need.

Site design and graphic design

Our designer can assist you with anything from a full site redesign to simple tweaks to improve user experience or polish your current site. We can also create new graphics and imagery for you, promotional banners, or even full company re-branding if required.

Digital Marketing Campaign Creation

Increase your conversion rates, and maximise your marketing spend! Utilise your sites current traffic through Google Analytics to tailor a marketing campaign to closely target your key demographic, and hone in on your company’s objectives. Get an insight into who your customers are, how are they using your site, and what is making them convert.

Search engine (SEO/SEM) and Digital Marketing assistance

Using a combination of our SEO tools for site quality reviews and experience running eCommerce business, we can assist to make the changes required to improve your rankings on Google. We can also provide advice on using tools like Google Ad-words, Google Shopping and other similar channels to improve your online presence and sales.

Note: certain services may be provided by an eCornerAssist partner.

So what’s it going to cost me?

We want these services to be accessible to any business, not just our largest customers, and as such the services can be packaged in one of two ways depending on your needs:

Fixed-fee project

from $100

Where you only need short term assistance or help with a particular task, we can provide you with a fixed price quote to provide the exact services you are after. For simple design changes or tweaks, these may start from as low as $100 (ex GST) and we guarantee there will be no surprise hidden costs so you know what you are committing to upfront.

Monthly retainer

from $450

For assistance to manage your site’s content, design, quality and marketing, we can provide an ongoing monthly service with an agreed monthly cost and time commitment. You can determine what you need and when - maximising the value you receive. Starting at $450/month (ex GST) for half a day per month of combined time from our team and Partners to be used at your discretion, and can be scaled up or down to meet your specific needs with a minimum 3 month commitment.

Explore eCorner Assist's services and products:

Domain names & Email packages

eCorner can provide your domain, business email and DNS hosting securely hosted in Australia.

SSL and Trust Certificates

eCorner offers a range of SSL Certificates starting at just $90.00 for 1 years including full installation

eCommerce Website Design - eCorner

eCorner provide professional website designs and themes to best suit your eCommerce website. Free consultation and quote.

Website Quality Review

Website Quality Review service from eCorner will align your business and website goals to improve your business results.

Wagtail Business Analytics

Wagtail Analytics is an advanced reporting dashboard from eCorner that is available for your eCorner Store