Wagtail Analytics

Wagtail Business Analytics

eCommerce Business & Web Analytics Reporting System


Wagtail Analytics is a reporting dashboard from eCorner that is available for any eCorner online store. It enables you to see at a glance exactly what is happening on your online store. The login and dashboard are separate from your eback office so as to allow you easier access and also to provide access to other people in your business without accessing the critical management back office of your store.

Now with support for mobile devices


With our unique mobile app you can now check the status of your online store or website where ever you are and at any time. Just browse to the special Wagtail mobile URL and you can access key information about the status of your online business as it happens.

Wagtail Analytics has been built to be a real time system that combines all the information you need into one place. It then can graphically show you the state of play for your business. It also integrates all the search engine and social media statistics into one place. You can ask for a free trial licence.


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Wagtail eCommerce and Business Analytics and Reports

Wagtail Analytics was created to capture the financial data out of your online store and report it back in a human readable format.

By default all eCorner hosted shops get Wagtail but cannot access all the reports. The only two reports you can access are Bandwidth overview and Bandwidth usage raw data.

The Wagtail Analytics advanced reporting is comprised of three parts.

  • Reports on the financial data captured from the ePages hosted stores.
  • Visitor reporting and analytics with social media capabilities.
  • Free bandwidth reports on the eCorner Stores hosted shops.
$22.00 / month(s) *
Price includes GST - all prices Australian Dollars