Webinar - Improve store conversion with smart p...

Webinar - Improve store conversion with smart promotions from Rapid Campaign - 28th April 4:00PM

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Webinar – Improve store conversion with smart promotions!

Featuring Laura Laamanen - CMO from RapidCampaign

On Tuesday the 28th of April at 4.00pm (AEST) eCorner and RapidCampaign will host a joint webinar. The webinar will focus on improving conversion and driving more sales with smart promotions that combine gamification with your online store brand experience. Based on a recent survey of 2000+ consumers 50% will only make a purchase online when an offer or promotion is involved.

Laura Laamanen will show how smart promotions drive sales by reducing drop-offs in your purchase funnel and convert your visitors to customers. Even a small improvement in your ePages online store purchase funnel makes a powerful impact on your bottom line. Laura will outline best practices how to use smart promotions and some areas to look at to be successful.