ePages & SAP Business One

SAP Business One eCommerce

SAP Business One eCommerce with ePages

Using SAP Business One and ePages you can seamlessly integrate your eCommerce store with your ERP system to minimise costs and maximise efficiency. With eCorner you can open and manage your own online shop easily and quickly using the perfect partnership of SAP Business One and ePages. The solution is either hosted by eCorner or by you, and is seamlessly integrated with SAP B1. ePages brings all the features you need for your business success online.

ePages is the perfect eCommerce solution for SAP Business One

eCommerce and Enterprise Resource Planning in synergy

Be it B2B or B2C, sales growth continues in the online business world.

Extend the advantages of your SAP Business One ERP system to online retail by creating an online business presence simply and quickly with ePages. For SAP Business One, we have created various online shop packages which can be rented monthly and include hosting, regular updates and system management. With these packages, comes a wealth of advantages:

  • Easy integration of SAP B1 and your online store without any custom development
  • Acquisition of new customer bases and increase in sales
  • Reduced costs of management for online sales, marketing and order processing
  • Improvement of your service by offering online access to customer groups
  • Streamlining of internal workflows with automation of order processing
  • Full-service package for rental, hosting, maintenance and management with a 99.9% service level agreement

The integration has been certified by SAP. The time-consuming, manual input of data and media disruption has become a thing of the past. Concentrate on your business - we will take care of the rest.

ecommerce-top-img-2_2Your 24-hour store

Online revenue is growing constantly. Be it B2B or B2C. Innovate your business and get into online retail. We can provide solutions for your needs, no matter how simple or complex your business.

Seamlessly connected, no double-counting necessary: You can also use your SAP Business One data in the web store, transferring product, order and customer data in real-time. 

Tailor-made solutions. What if my online store is growing fast? We can customise your store, from the store design to individual system extensions, to meet your most demanding needs while maintaining the efficiencies of your integrated eCommerce and ERP solutions.