eCorner Technical Advice, Assistance and Support


If you submit a support form you will automatically create a problem tracking ticket in our support system which you can view at You will receive a support ticket notification by email.

You can get further information about support issues at and you can check the status of our systems at

You can find general information about our technical support services at and for our hosting customers at

Resolution Times 

Once you have notified us of a problem, our management team will assign a priority and escalate the problem to be diagnosed. If the problem is the result of a technical fault, eCorner will resolve the problem and notify you that it has been resolved. We will endeavour to resolve any level 1 or 2 issue within the same business day as it is reported. Level 1 issues will take priority and we will let you know the status of your support request within a hour during business hours.

If eCorner cannot recreate any problem which is notified to us we may ask you for further information. If a problem is a result of a user's error or omission, eCorner will either:

  1. Resolve the problem for you or
  2. Send you information and/or instructions so that you can rectify the problem

If we are asked to resolve a content-specific issue or other work-related problem, it may attract a minimum charge. Any charge for this additional work will be at the discretion of eCorner management. In general, eCorner will not charge to resolve user-notified support requests which originate via our web-based support systems by email to or by our ticketing system which can be found at