Upgrade Alert - V6.16.3

Upgrade Alert - V6.16.3

UPGRADE ALERT – Moving from ePages V6.15.3 to V6.16.3

Please be advised that between the hours of 10:00pm on Thursday February 20 and 3:00am on Friday February 21, your eCorner service (website) will be offline as we upgrade our hosted platform.

At the completion of the upgrade period, please check your storefront to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

V6.16.3 Review and Demonstartion Q&A

On Tuesday March 4 at 10:00AM for approximately 1.5 hours we will be running a web meeting (GoToMeeting) to look at some of the new features and answer questions about V6.16.3 you can register to attend at Update GoToMeeting series

This upgrade is moving your website from ePages V6.15.3 to ePages V6.16.3.


You can download more information about the new features as a PDF - eCorner ePages V6.16.3 Whats New.

ePages V6.16.3 includes a range of new features and a brief summary of the major components follows:

  1. Updates for latest browsers and devices
  2. Further improved Mobile View
  3. Data handling and linking improvements
  4. New options to link files and websites to content
  5. Improvements to image management
  6. File manager performance improvements
  7. Improvements to HTML table management
  8. New features to improve design capabilities
    • Move navigation elements to locations or by pixel
    • Quick Design – new fonts
    • New page layout options
    • Ability to set product results per page
    • New design capabilities for ‘Individual Steps’ checkout
  9. Display and selection of products without default variation product
  10. New Order view with Status Icons a. New status in orders – ‘Returned’
  11. Improvements to Integrated WYSIWYG editor

Legacy ‘Custom Form’ feature removed



You were informed in the last upgrade of a new feature – Forms in Content and Categories. During this upgrade the legacy version of the ‘Custom Form’ capability will be removed. eCorner developed legacy Custom Form feature locally, to help our customers build and publish custom forms. The inclusion of a new ‘Forms’ feature in ePages means that the legacy version (which eCorner had developed) is no longer required.

NOTE: If you are using the legacy Custom Form feature please ensure that you create a replacement form using the new feature in Content Category. If you are not sure or have questions please contact support as soon as possible. If your form contains date fields these are no longer supported and are replaced by text fields from V6.16.3.

eCorner have created a guide that will take you through the steps to change from the old to the new forms which you can download here.

Design Manager - changes and impact

ePages styles continue to be enhanced for more responsive design and better capabilities for various devices. There are changes in the styles that are available between V6.15.3 to V6.16.3. If you are using an older style then it will be imported during the upgrade process. If your design has customisation to the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) (or any Custom navigation elements for search or forms) or have added custom Javascript then you need to review those after the upgrade. We recommend that you contact your web designer to determine if they need to review your website design following the upgrade process.

New Product Layouts

From V6.14 ePages introduced new more modern Product Page layouts. In V6.16.3 your Product Page Layout will be automatically converted from a legacy layout style to a new layout. This will change the look of your Product Page.

Review and user testing eCorner will review and test all core functionality in the system prior to the upgrade. We take great care to ensure that there are no issues prior to the upgrade taking place, but we don’t have an intimate knowledge of possible CSS and HTML elements that may have been added to your website. We recommend that you review your website as early as possible on the morning of Friday 21st. eCorner may not be able to change custom designs and so we recommend that you advise your web designer of the upgrade as soon as possible.

New Product Detail Image sizes

In this upgrade the product detail page images will change in size. There  will be 3 different detail page images 200 x 200 px - 500 x 500 px and 1000 x 1000 px. This is being done to provide better images for retina types devices. If your designer has changed the detail page image area or the area where product information and price is displayed the the change in image size may mean that your product detail page does not show correctly. If this occurs you need to contact you designer to rectify the design.

MasterCard MasterPass enabled

In this upgrade we will be making MasterCard's MasterPass facility available and extending the supported payment gateways. You will find a new setting in the Setting menu for MasterPass. If you use eWAY or Payment Express you can use MasterPass after the upgrade is completed. You need to contact eCorner to request a MasterPass account. You can find more information on the MasterPass information page on the eCorner website.

Enhancments to Mobile Checkout

In this upgrade eCorner will be enabling new mobile checkout pages for our locally created payment gateway integration.


Check out some of the latest features at YouTube


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will any data (orders or customer) be lost?

There will be no data lost from your website as a result of the upgrade. eCorner will shut down access to the system prior to commencement of the upgrade and will post a general maintenance message. The system will be fully backed up prior to the upgrade.

What if the upgrade fails?

There is always a remote possibility that the upgrade may need to be aborted due to an unforeseen circumstance. In this situation the system will be reverted to the condition that it was in prior to the upgrade commencing. eCorner will notify you that the upgrade process was terminated. We will reschedule the upgrade for a later date.

Do you test the system before doing the live upgrade?

eCorner takes a copy of the live environment and performs a number of test upgrades on that copy to test the effects of the upgrade process. These copies are only kept for as long as the upgrade process is being prepared and tested.

How do I know if I am using the Legacy Custom Form feature?

In the back office go to Setting menu >> Custom form settings >> General tab (see image) – if you see fields there that have been created then you can assume that you are using the legacy custom form. If you are unsure contact eCorner support as soon as possible.




Can customers access the websites during the upgrade?

NO there will be no access to any website during the upgrade process.

Can I access the back office and make content changes during the upgrade?

NO you cannot (and should not) make content changes during the upgrade. We recommend that you make no content changes from 10:00AM on the morning of the 20th February.

Will my website design change after the upgrade?

Yes it’s possible that your website might look different after the upgrade. This may occur if you have customised CSS or HTML that has been added to the website. If you have used an external designer we recommend you alert them of the upgrade. It is your (or your designers) responsibility to change any custom CSS or HTML on your website if it is affected by the upgrade.

How do I know if my website has customised CSS?

You can go to the Setting Menu >> General settings >> Advanced settings and there you will find the website HTML Head Area additions box. If there is "style" or "script" code added (see image) there then it is customising the style sheets on the website. Not all customisations to CSS or Javascript will cause issues but we recommend that you have your designer prepared to review the website after the upgrade.




What Product Layout am I using?

You can determine what Product Layout you are using by going to Products menu >> Product types >> click on each Product type name >> Click on the Layout tab.

Refer to the image below.

ePages V6.16.3 new product layouts

eCorner ePages V6.16.3 Whats New