Getting started with Vend

15/07/2019 - Getting started with Vend

Getting started with Vend

Vend HQ – Point of Sale System

Vend is a cloud based Point of Sale (POS) system that enabled retailers operating from a physical premises to manage their retail store including stock, orders and payments.

Vend helps control sales information by communicating with the various devices required for a modern retail outlet.

Vend  - eCorner connections

eCorner eCommerce Solution

eCorner provides a eCommerce website solution that allows retailers to sell products online. Now it is important for retailers to use multiple channels for their sales. Adding an online store channel can add new sales and revenue and also improve the visibility of the physical stores online.

There are many benefits to connecting your POS system with your online store including:

  • Improve stock management
  • Less potential of selling out of stock products
  • Automate order processing
  • Synchronise online and offline stock
  • Manage stock in one place

Vend – eCorner and Xero

If you are using Xero then be aware that both eCorner online stores and Vend can connect and transfer data to Xero. We recommend that you use Vend to connect to Xero and manager the transfer of order and sales information. Contact eCorner support for more information.

Vend integration with your shop


Your shop uses Vend’ API to communicate with Vend for product and order synchronisation. You will therefore need to ensure that your Vend plan has the feature ‘API Access’. The starting plan with API Access is the Vend Pro Plan.

Personal Tokens

To create a personal token in Vend, navigate to “Setup”, then “Personal Tokens”. From here, click “Generate Personal Token”. Enter in any name you see fit, click “No expiry” so that it doesn’t expire, and then press “Save”. The value under “Access token” is what you will need to use later in the setup procesvend-tokens

Variant / Composite products

Variant and Composite products in Vend are the equivalent of “Variations” and “Bundles” in your shop. However, there are some differences which means that these products cannot be automatically synced from Vend into your shop without your first creating these products manually in your shop.

Product sync process

As neither Vend nor your shop allows for duplicate product SKUs, this field is used to match up products between the two systems.

When synchronising non-variant, non-composite product information from Vend to your shop, the system will attempt to find a product in your shop with the same SKU. If it cannot find such a product, it will attempt to create a new product with that SKU. Synchronisation of information will occur afterwards.

For variant/composite products, the system will attempt to find a variation/bundle product in your shop with the same SKU. It will NOT attempt to create it and synchronisation will only occur for these products if it is able to find the variation/bundle.

Only “Enabled” products in Vend are transferred to your shop.

The following pieces of information are synced:

  • Name
  • Description
  • List price
  • Stock level
  • Main image

For more information please download the Getting Started with Vend Guide or contact eCorner.


Getting Started with Vend and eCornerStores