Connect your eCommerce website to Stripe

Connect your eCommerce website to Stripe

Connect your eCommerce website to Stripe

Add Stripe to ePages

To get started you need to go to Settings menu >> Payments.

In the drop down list select Stripe and save.


Once that is completed click on the new Stripe payment method – “Complete it”. This will open the payment method settings.



Connecting to Stripe

Once in the settings page the first step is to Connect to Stripe so click on the link in the Settings page.


There are two option once you want to connect to Stripe.

Existing Stripe Account

Click on the Sign in link at the top of the page.


This will redirect you to the Stripe log in page and once logged it you can authorise the website to connect to Stripe. You will then be diverted back to the website to complete any other settings.


Making Stripe Live

Once you have completed the setup of your Stripe account then you need to make the payment method visible to enable your customers to pay by Stripe.

Go to the General tab in the Stripe payments method and change the visibility to YES and then SAVE.

We recommend that you test a live transaction using your credit card and then check that funds are received in to the correct bank account.


New Stripe Account

You can also complete the registration form for Stripe if you do not have a Stripe account. Please note that completion of the setup is dependent on being accepted as a Stripe merchant.

You will need to complete the entire form and then click on the button at the bottom “Authorise Access to this Account”.




Picture11Stripe Account Connected:

Once authorisation is granted you will be returned to the website and you can then select additional payment methods.


You can now make the new payment method visible in the website.


When a customer uses Stripe to check out and pay a small popup will be shown after selecting the payment method to enter the credit card details securely using Stripe.


Stripe Transactions in Administration.

Orders created with Stripe will contain a Stripe transaction code that is unique for each order and will also be found for the equivalent payment in you Stripe administration.Picture15

Stripe transactions can also be accessed using Orders menu >> Transactions >> Stripe.

Transactions in Stripe.

New payments will also be found in the Stripe administration.