Using the Australia Post Shipping Calculator in...

Using the Australia Post Shipping Calculator in ePages

Using the Australia Post Shipping Calculator in ePages

Integrated Shipping Cost Calculation

Calculating accurate prices for delivery is a critical component to doing business online. You can make or stop sales by not having the correct shipping method or shipping cost calculation. Australia Post is the most commonly used service for delivering goods that are sold online in Australia.

When your customers browse your products online they will not get the complete cost until they see the shipping component. So that is where we see the highest basket dropout rate. By showing the exact shipping cost (based on your customers delivery postcode) you are increasing the chance that you will make that sale. You are also helping to ensure that your actual delivery costs are correctly covered.

Download a guide to using the Australia Post Shiiping Calculator in ePages - click here.


How does the Australia Post cartridge work?

The Australia Post cartridge connects to the Australia Post server in real-time to calculate shipping costs for your order. It is designed to give accurate results when shipping heavy items, such as books. If you are selling mainly lighter items such as jewellery or baby clothes you will probably find that the results will not be as accurate.

It will return similar values to what you'd get using their online Postage Assessment Calculator.


Shipping methods using Australia Post calculator

You can create a new shipping method using the Australia Post calculator by going to:

Settings menu >> Delivery >> Click on the Add shipping method button.epages-add

You need to select Australia Post calculator and then enter a name and click Add.



NOTE: If you are shipping internationally or even just want multiple shipping options such as express and regular parcel then you need to add the Australia Post calculator multiple times with different names and settings.




Setting up the Australia Post Calculator in ePages