Xero Integration Instructions

Xero Integration Instructions

Xero Integration Instructions

For more detailed information please download the eCorner Xero Integration Guidedownload epages xero integration user guide

Overview of Xero Integration

ePages from V6.17 as it is provided by eCorner will be able to integrate with the Xero cloud based accounting system.

Xero offers a fully functional cloud based accounting system that is fully certified for Australian and New Zealand businesses.

  1. Accounting and payroll in one – Xero is all you need to run your business.
  2. Bank statement lines are automatically fed into your Xero account.
  3. No need to install software, update or keep backups – it’s automatic.
  4. An ecosystem of 300+ Add-on applications to manage your business.
  5. Unlimited collaboration with your staff and trusted advisors.

NOTE: The ePages Xero integration will synchronise orders, payments and inventory between ePages and Xero.

Requirement to use Xero with ePages

In order to use the Xero ePages integration you will require a Xero account and you can sign up for Xero at www.xero.com/signup/ or you can get more information at www.xero.com.

You will also need to have an ePages online shop that is on release V6.17 or greater. You can get more information at www.ecorner.com.au or contact support at support@ecorner.com.au.

new-appCreate a new app in Xero

Steps to create a new app in Xero

  1. Click on the “New app” button at Xero’ developer portal: https://developer.xero.com/myapps
  2. Give your new app a name, e.g. “eCorner Shop”
  3. The company URL can just be your website domain
  4. In “OAuth 2.0 redirect URI", copy the URL from the Xero settings page in your shop’ administration

Xero Notes and URI in the Online Shop Administration

There is certain information that you will need to add to Xero and also information from Xero that you will need to add to the online store.

The URI is found in the notes section of the Xero settings in the website administration.

NOTE: the URI is unique to each website.

Complete Xero Setting in ePages

Steps to complete Xero settings in ePages MBO

Once you have completed the necessary steps in the Xero administration then you can enable your Xero account in the online store administration.

Log in to your ePages administration using the URL and credentials that have been provided by eCorner or your ePages provider.

  • Go to Settings menu >> Xero settings >> General
  • Paste into the provided sections the Xero Client ID and Xero Client Secret
  • Select which date from whence you want to transfer orders from, whether or not to enable Xero and also whether to skip payment transfers
  • Press ‘Save’ and then ‘Initiate Xero Authentication’ to begin the authorisation process
  • Configure the remaining settings on the “Xero Mappings” tab


xero-newURIMultiple Websites Connected to Xero

If you already have a website connected to your Xero account, then you will need to add another URI and Client Secret.

  1. Click on the link to “Add another URI”.
  2. Click on the link to generate a new “Client secret”.
  3. Copy the URI information from the Xero settings in your website administration.
  4. Copy the Client ID and Client secret from Xero to the Xero settings in your website administration and SAVE.
  5. You can now move on to setup Xero Mapping in the website settings.

NOTE: The number of client secrets is limited by Xero package.





Complete Xero Mapping in ePages


Steps to complete Xero Mapping in ePages MBO

  1. There are three parts to mapping the necessary settings in Xero
    1. Xero Account Mapping
    2. Xero Payments Mapping
    3. Xero TaxRate Mapping
      1. Default Tax Rates Mapping
      2. Custom Tax Rates Mapping
  2. First, you will need to select the organisation in Xero that you want to link with. If you only have 1 organisation, there will only be 1 option shown.
  3. In the “Sales Account” dropdown, all sales accounts from Xero will be listed. Orders will be mapped to the account selected here.


  1. After setting accounts, you need to map your Payment Methods to Xero Payment accounts.


  1. To complete the Xero TaxRate Mapping, you need to first decide if you want to use the default tax rate mappings, or customise these
    1. Default Tax Rates Mapping:  You can use this option when you only want to separate taxed and non-taxed items. Typically, non-taxable item should be mapped to 0% and taxable items should be mapped to 10%.


  1. Custom Tax Rates Mapping: You should use this option when you want to map taxes according to ePages’ Tax Areas & Tax Classes. You can assign a Xero tax rate for each Tax Area / Tax Class combination.



Transferred Orders Status

Orders are transferred to Xero from ePages at regular intervals.

Once an order is successfully transferred to Xero as an invoice and payment (if enabled) object, additional details are shown in the order detail screen, whereby a link is also provided to the relevant objects in Xero.


Orders transferred will appear in Drafts or Awaiting Approval in Xero.


Additionally a new contact and customer will be created if one does not already exist. Xero will always add orders under the same customer if the customer email address is the same.



eCorner Xero Integration Guide from V6.17