Step 10 - Track and improve

Step 10 - Track and improve

Step 10 - Track and improve

Web Analytics - Visitor and Page Tracking - Know your customers

Once you have been selling for a short while you will fine a big difference between online and offline (or bricks and mortar) selling. You don't really get the opportunity to know your online customers unless you can track and analyse what they do and who they are. That can be done with a range of different tools which can help you better understand you customers.

reportit_dashboardA good online shop can often fail because the owners don't know what is really happening on the website. In order to understand the activity on the website you need to collect information about what visitors there are and what they do. This is collected by a web analytics program like Wagtail or Google Analytics. Every eCorner store comes already integrated with a free version of our business and analytics system - Wagtail. However you can also use analytics like Google Analytics or any other analytics system on your online store.

The best way to improve your results is to understand customer behaviour and look for areas to improve.

  • Real-time reporting (Wagtail Analytics)
  • Basket and order reporting
  • Basket conversion tracking
  • Shopping cart remarketing
  • Goal management
  • Support for Wagtail or Google Analytics
  • Support for ad services conversion tracking code
  • Support for remarketing tags and code

Conversion Tracking and Remarketing

When you sell online you also need to promote and market online and that will often mean advertisement online. Some of the main online advertising platforms are Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook and Twitter. But there are many others. Each of these required you to open an account and generally are based on a cost per click (CPC) or a cost per conversion basis. Systems like Google Adwords and Bing Ads allow you to setup specific campaigns and allocate a budget. You then provide the keywords that you want to use to get your customers and you bid on each keywords to determine if your ad will show online. 

In order to track your results you need to add conversion tracking code to  your website that will be provided by the marketing platform. eCorner provides special support for conversion tracking code and other marketing tags.

Marketing online is becoming more sophisticated and companies such as Google now offer services like Google Shopping which will show product ads online to your potential  customers. You  can also track visitors to your online store and remarket to them in search engines based on products that that saw on your online store, this is called remarketing. Google and other marketing systems provide special code that you add to your website to enable remarketing. Google now has many different tags and codes it will want you to add to your website and so have introduced Google Tag Manager to help organise all those bits of add on code.

Similarly you can market on Facebook and Twitter and each will need their own special snippets of code. eCorner can help you add this necessary code to make your marketing more success online.

Follow in the footsteps of successful merchants.

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