Step 1 - Establish the basics

Step 1 - Establish the basics

Step 1 - Establish the basics

Getting started with your online business

Getting started can be a difficult step. There can seem to be so much to do and learn, but if you take a step at a time and do some home work you will find that it is easy to start selling online. If you need a little help or support to get started eCorner is always here to help you. What makes working with eCorner different is that we are based here in Australia and have 14 years of experience dealing with Australian business and online sales issues. You can talk to us about starting an online store and we can help you understand the key requirements and issues with selling online.

Following is a quick summary of some of the key first steps to being successful online:

Having a viable and well thought through business plan is really important to help keep you on the right track. You can develop your own business plan easily and then share it with your advisers or partners. You can find more information about what is in a eCommerce Business Plan here.

General Business Requirements

When you are selling online you still are running a business. Every business has the core issues that you need to handle. The objective is to make a profit and grow the business.

You will need products and services that that you will be selling. You might make your own products or you might source them from a supplier (manufacturer or distributor). If you are getting your products from a 3rd party then you need to know the buy price and the cost of products delivered to you. This will help you decide your sale price and set the margin that you will make on each sale. When determining the sale price you need to factor in all your costs such as your outgoing expenses. Looking at the competitors price can often indicate if you are selling at a price that is too low or too high.

Unique Sales Proposition

Price is one deternining factor in the sale but there are other factors as well. These combined can make up the Unique Sales Proposition (USP) that makes your business stand out from others. These factors may be issues like after sales service, delivery time, delivery cost, returns, warranty, packaging, setup assistance, location, availability, options and accessories.

Some times the simplest additional item will set you apart from other competitive companies.

One of the most important is just being online if you are selling a unique product not readily found online you may be more successful. Today more than 80% of all sales are influnced by online search and research. 

Following is some information that can help you understand some of the issues getting started in eCommerce.

Cost and Issues Selling online -

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ATO Starting Your Business -

Essentials for selling online -


When you are ready you can move on to Step 2 - Select an Online Store

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