Step 2 - Software and Hosting

Step 2 - Software and Hosting

Step 2 - Software and Hosting

Select a Website / Online Shop Provider in Australia

Running a website or online store need hosting and some software to create the website. There are many different solutions available to create a website but if your not into software or website development then the hosted online store packages are the easiest solution. There are lots to choose from and the selection process can be complex and a little daunting. 

Hosted website/online shop packages should always come with secure hosting included for the website. But you might also get confused with hosting for your domain which is generally separate to the website and provided by the domain registrer. eCorner hosts both websites and domains but these are two separate issues. For the domain to connect to the website you also need a Domain Name Service (DNS) normally provided also by the domain registrer.

A hosted eCommerce Online Store package from eCorner can give you everything you need to successfully sell online and all managed from the administration system. So rather than having to have a developer integrate to your bank or buy costly add-ons you just turn on the features you need in your online store. All of the features are out-of-the-box which means you do not have to worry. More importantly they are maintained by eCorner so we will make sure that all the features always work. This allows you to manage your business and not have to worry about the technology.

eCorner also host your online store in our specialised ecommerce hosting facility in Sydney. This facility is specially certified for ecommerce and has a very secure environment. So your business online is safe. We backup all of your data every night and keep it safely in a separate data centre.

eCorner provide a number of different levels of packages that vary in price and capability. Packages are scalable up to 10,000's of products online. The four most popular packages key difference is the number of products that are for sale on the website although the packages will vary in functionality. These are perfect for small to medium sized businesses. Our online store packages include hosting and data as part of the package. That is not the same with all providers so you should always make sure of the total cost of hosting, data and website. All of our hosted ecommerce packages and our ecommerce software integrate with Payment Gateways such as PayPal and eWAY that allow you to accept payments and Credit Cards Online. All of our Payment Partners comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and eCorner is Certified PCI Compliant. 

eCorner eCommerce Solution


What should you be looking for?

  • Advanced eCommerce software
  • Includes reliable Australian hosting
  • Secure & PCI DSS compliant
  • Real Australian-based support
  • Updates / upgrades / maintenance
  • Local technical support
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Charges in Australian dollars inc GST


When you select your online shop provider you are making a key decision that will support your business for years to come. If you are doing business in Australia and your key market is Australian focused then it makes sense that your hosting and shop provider are right here in Australia.

We can support you by answering any questions that you might have and by providing a free 30 day trial.

Choose an eCommerce Online Shop Provider for Your Business

When you are selecting the online shop provider consider issues such as:

Location: Are they based in Australia or elsewhere. This impacts where your website will be hosted and how you get support.

Extra fees and charges: Some providers will charge extra for add-ons, support and will even charge a percentage of your revenue. So be aware of the total cost.

How will you be billed: If you are dealing with a service provider in the USA then your billing will be in US Dollars and so your monthly costs will vary due to exchange rates and additional foreign exchange fees.


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