Step 3 - Design and Layout

Step 3 - Design and Layout

Step 3 - Design and Layout

Design and User Experience are Essential

Getting the right look and feel can be difficult. You know what you like but sometimes it is hard to translate that to an actual design. Well at eCorner we have you covered. We have helped to deliver over 2,500 online stores and websites in Australia. Design is important but getting your online store making money is more important. So we recommend using one of our free themes or custom themes to get you started faster. All our themes are professionally built and are mobile device friendly. But more importantly you can modify the themes or have a designer do that for you. So you will have a unique and beautifully designed online store that your customers will love without spending $1,000's on design before you make your first sale. The website design should be both secure and responsive, enabling easy access on any device. Make sure that images are not to large so that performance is optimised.

Design is important

The design of your website is important to ensure that visitors to your website have a good user experience.

  • Good experience on all devices.
  • Easy to use Basket and Checkout Process.
  • My Account for registered customers.
  • Quality and consistent product images.
  • Detailed product descriptions with specifications and usage details.
  • Clear Terms, Privacy and Returns polices.
  • Clear contact details with multiple options.
  • Marketing and cross-selling.
  • Consistent Branding and colour usage.
  • Clear and easy user experience.
  • Secure with SSL and HTTPS enabled on all pages.
  • Predictive search with search filters for products
  • Social media friendly

What does eCorner offer?

  • Range of packages available to suit any budget
  • Implementation assistance available
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) packages
  • Social media setup assistance
  • Marketing assistance
  • Online store reviews 

Design Manager and our Free design Themes give you a great start

With eCorner you can use the Design Manager to create and manage your own theme or you can have eCorner, or a designer, custom design your website to suit your needs and requirements. Every shop comes with many design features to help you get the most beautiful design.

  • Free design Themes that can be customised
  • Advanced design manager
  • Ability to create multiple styles
  • Free images library
  • Free header / banner image library
  • Free background image library
  • 100's of pre-built page navigation elements and gadgets
  • Multiple product page layouts
  • Multiple content / category page layouts
  • Automatic product and content image resizing
  • Zoom views of product images
  • Flash, video and YouTube support
  • Multiple image galleries
  • Ability to add you own custom CSS and HTML
  • Fully mobile responsive themes

Custom Themes - professional design and social media made easy

You can also select a customisable design theme and have eCorner modify the design to suit your business.

Designs your customers will love

When you combine the best available technology with our vibrant, eye-catching designs, you have the key ingredients for eCommerce success.

Save your time by getting it right

We take the guesswork out of building your online store with a range of additional services and advice. We'll help you get it right the first time.

Fully responsive and highly usable designs

We are passionate about about improving the visual components of the site to encourage your visitors to interact and make a purchasing decision.

eCorner can provide a unique and customised theme from just $350 installed on your online store to find out more visit: eCorner Custom Design Themes


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