Step 8 - Marketing and Multi-channel

Step 8 - Marketing and Multi-channel

Step 8 - Marketing and Multi-channel

Promote your online business and be noticed

Having a website to represent your business is a first step. Next is being able to sell online.

With eCorner that is the main objective. But you cannot sell without visitors. So getting visitors to your webstore is the most important activity that you have to undertake. Unlike what you hear visitors just won’t beat down your door day one and you won’t get a number one ranking in Google overnight.

It all takes some work. Marketing your business and your webstore are very important and with ePages we make it as simple as possible.

Your eCommerce webstore from eCorner come with some great capabilities ready to help you market your business. These include:

sales_funnelMarketing is a Continuous Process

For any business to be successful, apart from viable products and good customer service, you need to market. Marketing in the digital age has changed in the way it is delivered but you still need to do it. So an online store without a marketing plan basically has little hope of succeeding.

The Sales Funnel is just as important online as it is in any traditional, or bricks and mortar business, in fact maybe more important. Online the sales funnel starts with traffic to your website but not just any type of traffic. It needs to be made up primarily of people who are interested in what you do.

It is the core job of good marketing to get a pool of people or companies interested in your products and services into the funnel. The sales job, in the digital world the website, is to convert the pool into prospects and then into customers by taking them on a journey. That journey ends up in a sale and a long term satisfied customer. Marketing helps map that journey and provide the content to guide your potential customers.

Marketing in a Digital World

A new website will not succeed without marketing. There are many tools available to help you market and there is a connection between the website content and marketing.

Remember the golden rule - CONTENT IS KING.

When you launch a new website the work is not over it is just beginning. So you need a plan to manage the marketing process and to track updates and changes. An important aspect of understanding what you need to do is capturing the 'big data' the analytics about what people are doing on your website. Without that information you cannot have an effective marketing plan. If you are an eCorner customer we provide you with a great tool called Wagtail Analytics and Reporting but you might use Google Analytics or one of the many reporting tools available.

Do you have a marketing budget?

On average according to Gartner businesses spend over 10% of their revenue on marketing, and including 2.5% - 5% on digital marketing. While some primarily digital businesses might spend a much higher percentage on digital marketing channels.

Where should you spend your money?

There are specific targets that you need to identify and then determine the best way to hit them.

  • Management and Investment in paid media
  • Management and investment in Social Media
  • Mobility and cross platform marketing
  • Management of your digital assets
  • Management of your data resources

But remember that the one true fact that you can rely on is change. Nothing really stays still in the digital world so you need to be on a constant review and improvement path. There are new tools that can be effectively used that become available so testing new marketing tactics can lead to quick results.

Digital spend has often been centered on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with the main player being Google Adwords. If the campaign is built well then it can be an effective way to drive qualified opportunities into the sales funnel. SEM is not cheap and you cannot run a successful Adwords campaign on a dollar a day. Other search engines offer similar services such as Bing Ads.

The Social Media channels such as Facebook and Twitter now also offer paid advertisement that can deliver good results often at a lower cost. But social media pages can be effective marketing. The channel itself maybe free but there is effort involved in running successful social media channels.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns using one of the shopping portals can also help drive qualified opportunities to your business. Google Merchant Centre allows you to deliver a product feed directly from your website that will deliver product ad tiles during search. Other product comparison portals such as Getprice and eBay eCommerce Network offer a similar service. The benefit of these portals is that they have a higher than average digital marketing spend and often a higher search engine ranking so they can get exposure that you might not be able to get. If you are a small business looking for local customers then take advantage of Google Local a free service. Local search is becoming increasingly more important for small business.

Marketing to People Who Visit Your Website

Once your website is live and you start to get visitors then you can also start to market to your visitors. There are lots of ways to do this both from your website and fron search engine marketing systems like Google Ads Remarketing. You need to be aware of the legal issues like the anti-spam requirements but in general there is nothing wrong or illegal about marketing to past visitors.

Newsletters and Coupons

Sending you visitors a newsletter with information about special offers and promotions is a great way to reconnect and get return customers. Offering a coupon for a gift card or discount can also help tempt return visitors to buy from your online store. If you own a bricks and mortar store then why not accept those coupons in store as well. Coupons can be used for a variety of reasons and also work to attract customers via social media channels.

TIP: You can print coupon codes and pack them into orders that you are shipping to a customer as an incentive to shop again.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

You will find that visitors to your website will start a new shopping basket and add some products, then proceed to checkout but never finish. This is called Basket Abandonment and can often count for 80% or more of the shopping baskets that are started.

There are now a number of systems available that allow you to capture the email address of a potential customer who starts a basket and then email them reminders with information about their incompleted basket. You can add marketing information like cross-sell products and also offers like a discount coupon that they can use to reduce the cost in the basket. If you use eCorner then Wagtail can provide information about uncompleted shopping baskets or you can also get similar information from other systems like Google Analytics.

eCorner now offer a shopping cart recovery service, Wagtail Cart Recovery, as part of some of our packages or it can be added to any package for a small monthly fee.


  • Create personalised newsletters in a newsletter campaign
  • Include product images descriptions and prices from the shop
  • Use templates that match the colours in your shop
  • Include coupons in your newsletters
  • Personalise with names and emails as variables
  • Immediately send or schedule to send later Pick lists by group or products bought
  • Import email lists Special “Subscribe to Newsletter” feature

Newsletters all have privacy protection with unsubscribe.

Coupons & Gift Cards

Automatically create coupons and promote them in your store or via your newsletter.

  • Coupons with fixed discounts or percentage discounts
  • Set a validity period
  • Set validity by the number of codes
  • Generate coupons manually or automatically

Product Promotions and Cross Selling

  • Automatic Cross Selling
  • Manual Cross Selling
  • Accessories
  • Product Comparison
  • Product Recommendations (Tell a Friend)
  • Promotional Product on every page
  • Product Bundles 

Product Portals

Automatically subscribe to product portals and generate data feeds to send your products.

  • (Next Commerce)
  • Google Merchant Centre / Google Shopping
  • Many international portals

eBay and Amazon Integration

You can also send your products to sell or auction on eBay and settle payment in your store. So your eCorner provided online shop can become your central control for all your eCommerce. Learn more about integrating with eBay at the Integrating with eBay FAQ Page.

With the introduction of Amazon to Australia a new channel also became available to Australian merchants. eCorner support the direct listings of products from the online store to Amazon making sales and stock management simpler.

Add a Facebook Shop

Social Media like Facebook and Twitter tells people what you do and allows you to connect to your customers. You can also show your Facebook friends your products by creating a Shop on Facebook.

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