Step 9 - Mobile friendly

Step 9 - Mobile friendly

Step 9 - Mobile friendly

Are you ready to sell online with built-in Mobile Device support?

Mobile Commerce Built-in


More that 50% of all visitors to websites in 2016 will come from a mobile device. So now it is essential that your online store is mobile friendly. Every eCorner online store has a built-in mobile view that is specially designed for mobile devices like iPhone or Android. There are special templates for mobile devices and the device type is automatically discovered by ePages. You customers can search, find and buy from a mobile or tablet.

Mobile friendly websites are typically much simpler and have less steps for a customer to find a product and buy. They are also faster by using less large content such as images. Many mobile users will be browsing using 3G or 4G data and that can be expensive and sometime a little slow. So your mobile website needs to deliver fast and accurate content.


Google and search engine mobile friendly


Google and other search engines are now looking for mobile friendly websites and those will be ranked higher in search results. You can check out if a website is mobile friendly at the Google Mobile Friendly Tool.


No Added Design Costs


By automatically discovering visitors from mobile devices and providing a mobile view means that there is no design costs for a unique mobile layout or mobile app. Every eCorner package has built-in mobile device support.

Online purchases from mobile devices are increasing by 42% annually! Your online store had better be ready! Smartphones and iPhones, Tablets and iPads, PCs and laptops, Smart TVs. ePages provides support for mobile devices as standard so you can engage with the mobile consumer from day one and be part of the Couch-Commerce revolution!




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