Wagtail Analytics - eCommerce Business Reporting

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Wagtail Analytics - eCommerce Business Reporting

$22.00 / month(s)
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Wagtail eCommerce and Business Analytics and Reports

Wagtail Analytics was created to capture the usage, financial and inventory data out of your online store and report it back in simple to use dashboard.

By default all eCorner hosted shops get Wagtail Analytics free version limited to 10,000 page impressions per month. You can also access Bandwidth overview and Bandwidth usage raw data.

The Wagtail Analytics advanced reporting is comprised of a number of optional components.

  • Reports on the financial data captured from the online store database.
  • Visitor reporting and analytics with social media capabilities.
  • Inventory history and cost of goods sold
  • Integration of online store data for 3rd party system e.g. Mailchimp
  • Capture of incomplete shopping carts for reporting and remarketing.
  • Free bandwidth reports on the eCorner Stores hosted shops.

You can see some of the screen shots in the slideshow on the product image or we can start a free trial account for you just contact us .

Additional product information

Plan level Basic
Traffic quota 100,000
Months data retained 3
Desktop elements 12
Link tracker 5
General features Yes
Database Reporting No
Visitors Yes
Integration to other systems No
Shopping Cart Recovery No
Inventory Reporting No
Recommended Small eCommerce stores with medium order volume
Goal limits 2
Goal length 4

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