eCorner Website Quality Review Service

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eCorner Website Quality Review Service

$150.00 / month(s)
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Possible delivery method: Free Delivery Online

Want to maximise your online stores quality and presence?


To be successful online you need to align your website content with your business goals. Websites can be complex and contain lots of content so finding the issues and areas of improvement can be very difficult and sometimes seems impossible. But if you use the right tools and methodology then you can quickly improve your overall website quality and your business results.

Many companies will spend lots on search engine optimiation and search engine marketing without really understanding the key business objectives. Our approach is different and we focus on the business and not on the technology. You cannot trick your customers into buying your products and you cannot trick search engines into showing your website in search results. The key to being successful is to align the business and website goals and that means understanding your business above all else.

Included in each project:

  • Initial review meeting and scope of work
  • Initial Quality Report
  • Quality report review
  • Review Wagtail and / or Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords Keyword and Landing page review
  • Ongoing site updates and changes (requires administrative access)
  • Weekly project updates
  • Weekly Quality Report
  • End of project preview and assessment
  • Monitoring and tracking


So what do we do differently?


eCorner works with you to analyse your website based on your business's goals and our knowledge of the technology. We use a number of tools to assist us to get the best intelligence and produce accurate information based on your business. So we do not just look at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but rather the quality of the website content and structure. We also constanty look for opportunities to improve your business results.

Importantly we will not promise you what we cannot guarantee to deliver such as "first place in Google", no one can make that promise.


Why a minimum of 3 months?


Gaining the the understanding of the issues that can improve your business is not a instantaneous process it takes some time. The core metrics that we need to develop an understanding of how your website is working takes some time. The first quality reports will take a minimum of one week to produce and then will continue to improve. So the overall project takes some time and we limit the number of projects that we will run concurrently.


Additional product information

Quartely review meeting

Initial meeting (or live online) to review scope and then update meeting each month

SEO Content training

1 Hour search engine optimisation content training online.

Compare competitors websites

3 competitors websites

Compare multiple search engines

Google, Google mobile, Bing, Yahoo

Compare desktop vs mobile Yes
Report by location

National or local

Track keywords

up to 100 keywords (phrases)

Analyse keywords

10 monthly with report

Analyse landing pages

5 monthly with report

Page optimisation

Improve ranking by page optimisation

Site crawl

Weekly with report

Analyse page issues

Automated analysis of on page issues

External link report

Monitor all external links

Analyse link opportunities

Find new link opportunities

Compare competitors links

Compare external links to competitors

Monthly insights report

Monthly insights to improve rank

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