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Upgrade Information for 6th April 2021

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Planned Upgrade 6th April 2021

The mass hosted environment including Cloudshop Base and the newer Now platforms will be upgraded starting at 3:00 PM AEST Tuesday 6th April.

Most changes will relate to the Now system. However there are some changes to the core technology being used and bug fixes that have been applied to both versions in this upgrade.

The upgrade process will take approximately 4 hours to complete. We recommend that you make no content changes to your website / online store after 3:00 PM on Tuesday 6th April until 8:00 PM AEST.

How do you know which version you use?

The login screen is the best way to identify the version as Base and Now have different administration login screens. If you use the following login screen then you are using the Now version.



Facebook Business Integration.

The new Facebook Business Pixel integration allows you to connect your online shop to your Facebook business page.


Customer Groups

This upgrade introduces Customer Groups to the Now platform. These will not be available in all packages. Customer Groups will enable merchants to setup full Business To Business (B2B) capability when linked with Customer Specific Pricing.



Customer Specific Pricing

You can create customer specific pricing using Customer Groups. This allows the store to setup complex pricing rules that allow full B2B operation.


Logo editor.

The logo has moved from Settings to a new editor that allows the manipulation of the logo image and placement within the header. The logo can now be cropped and resized. You can also set to display the logo and shop name or just one or the other.



Language selector.


If the store supports multiple languages, you can now create content in each language and also set the default language.


More content elements and new element selection.

There are now more Content Elements to allow for more page layout options. The selection of elements has been summarised into groups depending on usage.



Buttons with link in content.

You can now create formatted buttons within content to better present call-to-action links.


New colour picker.


More options are now available to change colours in content and backgrounds. With that comes a simple colour picker.


Change content background colour.



New theme selection.


As new themes are added the process of selecting and changing themes has been simplified to ensure that the active theme is not accidentally changed.


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