Ideas to improve sales using coupons

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Ideas to improve sales using coupons

Ideas to improve sales using coupons

Improving online sales should be a constant process for any online store owner. If you own and run your own online store then making positive decisions that can improve sales often starts with a mental roadblock. Time poor business owners sometimes think it is too difficult or complex to get a quick result. But it is the simple things that are easy to implement that can get results.


Coupon codes are a standard feature of every eCorner provided online store and most ecommerce software but how can you use them and get a quick result. Here are a few ideas. Coupons can be used to offer dicounts or even as gift certificates. Last year Australian's spent over $1.75 billion on gift cards and certificates. Often it is an easy gift option and a simple product to add to your online store.

Creating coupons in the Marketing menu


Creating coupons is easy and takes just 3 steps to get started. Go to Marketing menu >> Coupons then enter a Coupon ID (internal use only) >> Enter a Coupon name (your customers will see this) >> SAVE. Then you have to click on the Coupon ID to open the coupon settings and you can start to setup and manage the coupon you created. You can download a handy guide to creating coupons below.


Creating coupons in ePages at eCorner


Idea  1 - Coupons in Ratings and Review

epages product ratings settings


Product ratings and review are great for improving your exposure to search engines and can also help turn browsers into buyers. But you need to enable them. If you are an eCorner customer then go to Products menu >> Product ratings >> Settings and enable Ratings and Reviews. This will allow your customers to leave feedback. You can, of course, monitor the feedback. But bad reviews can sometimes be an opportunity to convert a negative customer to a return buyer.

Product reviews also has an automated email that can be turned on to remind your buyers to leave a review. People can be time poor so maybe consider offering an incentive for a review like a discount coupon. You can have a generic coupon code or create one for each review. Just go to Marketing menu >> Coupons and get started. We have a great guide that you can download that explains how to create and add coupons you can download it right here - click to download the guide.

Let your customers know by customising the automated email that is sent to them asking for the review. Make it personalised and give the email your branding. You can add content to the email at Settings menu >> email events >> Products >> Request a product rating.



Idea 2 - Home page product coupons


The home page on your website is an important page that conveys to your customers the key information about your business proposition. It is like a store front window. Often you will go to a online store and there are no products on the home page. It is kind of like looking at an empty shop window. If you have some special product, new products or great offers then make them visible by adding them to the home page. My recommendation is 4 - 12 products so they fill the content area, don't over do it with the number of products that you add as they will seem less important and you will lose impact. Change the products every couple of weeks and that will also help your search engine rankings. Make sure that the products that you list on the home page have great product images, multiple images are even better, and a good descriptions. Choose the three or four column product layout to best present you products.

Add a coupon code in the name and description of each product offering an incentive to buy the products. Make sure that you explain that any other products bought in the same basket will also be discounted or given the special offer. To find the products that are displayed on your home page go to Content and categories menu >> Datasheet view >> Products tab.

Here is a great tip - if you click on the PRODUCT IMAGE in the list of products then the product will open in a new window so you don't have to keep swapping from Products to Content and categories.


See an example on our demo shop


Try it in the demo shop - click here to go to the shop.




Idea 3 - Offer a coupon in order confirmation


How do you get customers to come back to your online store and buy more? The simple answer is give them an incentive to do so. One such incentive could be a coupon that they can redeem with the next purchase. You can create coupons easily in Marketing menu >> Coupons. You can create as many Coupon campaigns as you want and you can have coupons for discounts, a value (like a gift coupon) or free shipping. You can also limit coupons to specific products.  Coupons are a great way to get people to come back. But you need to get the message out. So add the coupon marketing message to your checkout process explaining that your customer will get a coupon code in the order confirmation page.

You can edit the content of the order confirmation page at Settings menu >> Basket settings >> Texts >> Order confirmation.  Also add the same information to the order confirmation email which you can find at Settings menu >> email events >> Order status >> Order receipt confirmation.




Got any great ideas on how to use coupons - get a free website quality checkup


Do you have any other great ideas that you want to share on how you can use coupons to improve sales. If you do just let us know in the comments so that they can be shared with other online store owners. If you leave a new idea that has not yet been added in the comments then we will do a free website quality checkup for eCorner customers and send you the report. The website quality checkup will look at the factors that can improve your website's ranking in search engines.




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