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Adding affiliate tracking and conversion code in ePages

We often get asked the question about how to add affiliate conversion and tracking code to an ePages online store. 

Why would you want to do that?

Affilliate systems can often provide a commission on the sales that you make or they can promote your store and you pay them a commssion. One requirement is that they can identify the orders that originate with them and then complete on your online store.

Affiliate tracking code comes in many different varieties for example;

  • Pixle image tracking code
  • iFrame tracking code
  • Java Script tracking code

In all these cases the small code snippet is added to a page but not visible to your customers. However when the page is loaded it sends information to another system. 

Generally the code that is provided will have placeholders embedded that need to be replaced with fields from your online store. These are generally the "Order number" and the "Order value" but some affilate systems may want more information.

There are two methods to implement the affilate code both methods add the code to the Order Confirmation Page that is shown immediately following the order.

NOTE: When code is added into the page it needs to be correct so ensure that the code provided is from a reputable source and is complete. If you are in doubt do not add the code and contact eCorner support. Never add any code that is sent to you in an unsolicited email or from a source that you do not know. Tracking code sends information to a 3rd party company and can impact on the way your website works and page load time.

After the affilate code has been added you will need to test the code and that will require you to process an order.

Add the code in Basket Settings:

The first method requires you to go to Settings menu >> Basket Settings >> Texts >> Order conformation page.

  • To add the code you need to switch to HTML mode in the edit menu bar. 
  • Copy and paste the code into the edit window above all other code.
  • Change the placeholders in the code to the placeholder provided by ePages. You can find these by pointing your mouse cursor to the information icon (see image).
  • SAVE
  • Update that Page Cache



Add the code using Marketing >> Tracking code

This method also adds the code to the order confirmation page but you have a few more placeholder options.

Go to Marketing menu >> Tracking code.

The edit window in this method is always in HTML mode so just copy and paste the code into the edit window and save.

  • Select the part of the code that needs to be replaced with a field from the online store and click on the relevant placholder to the right of the edit window. This will replace that information in the code.
  • SAVE the changes.
  • Update the Page Cache



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