Google Adwords Strategy for eCommerce

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Google Adwords Strategy for eCommerce

For those that missed the live event, eCorner and Foresight Digital partnered to provide some insights into how to manage your Google Adwords strategy for eCommerce.

Many medium and large companies are deeply surprised to learn that their Google Adwords account, along with the tens of thousands they invest each month, are being mismanaged.

This webinar will cover off over a decade worth of experience from Ramya Kandregula, former Google employee turned media agency expert in paid digital. Ramya leads media performance at award winning paid search agency, Foresight Digital.

You'll learn:

  1. In what circumstances it makes sense to spend budget on people searching for your brand name. And when not to.
  2. Why it is important to bid on keywords that don't immediately convert, and how you might be hurting your brand long term by not doing so.
  3. How to determine the gaps between paid search and SEO so you can take a more holistic approach to managing both digital channels.
  4. Why you might be serverely limiting your channel performance by not amplifying what you spend in display (e.g. facebook or other channels) with search remarketing. And how to determine what is worth remarketing based on the size of cookie pools.
  5. How Google's quality score really works and what things might be affecting your conversion performance.
  6. What to audit first in your Google Adwords account to determine if your investment is at risk of being mismanaged.
  7. What impression share is, and how can you use it to manage ongoing performance of paid search activity.
  8. What KPI's should you use to, and how can you get better visibility of agency performance?
While the concepts in this presentation are geared toward learnings for enterprise companies, the learnings can be applied to any size organisation.

Slides here: Foresight Digital - Adwords Webinar slides



Ramya Kandregula

Paid Media Lead at Foresight Digital
With a Bachelor of engineering and computer science, Ramya worked at Google for half a decade, in the search quality team and then in the AdWords risk team. After working media side, she shifted to agency for another half a decade, leading paid digital across major Australian clients at both large and boutique agencies in New Zealand and Chicago before joining Artlivemedia.
Ramya has spent her entire career understanding from both sides, how to run successful paid digital programs.
For more information contact Foresight Digital:


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