Online Store SEO Scams and Spam - Good, Bad and...

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Online Store SEO Scams and Spam - Good, Bad and the Ugly

These are just some of the hundreds, or thousands, of messages that you will receive offering dodgy SEO services. Today was a record for spam emails offering SEO. They come in different styles and from different places but they are all SPAM and all SCAMS.

"Guaranteed 1st place on Google"

"Your website will rank higher than your competitors"

"1st place results for your top ten keywords"

"Affordable SEO proposal"

They don't just arrive by email, and the phone is a favourite tool for these SEO SCAMS. The start of the call is generally going to be offering advice such as 

"we found some issues with your website we think you should know about....".

They are also persistent and will often try multiple times but the call quality sometimes gives them away. If you ask if you can call them back it will be generally a no.


seoThere are good SEO and Marketing service providers


Are there real SEO service providers? There sure are and they are generally not cheap and they won't guarantee you 1st place on Google. What they will do is work with your business, and normally over a long period, to improve your business visibility for your chosen market sector. They are requirements driven and work to a plan which they will share with you.

If you engage an SEO service provider ask for references from local companies and also ask for a formal quote and service agreement. Do not pay for everything up front.


Do people get conned and what are the consequences?


The short answer is yes people get conned. The scam services will always want a small payment to get started, and it seems reasonable, but it is the tip of the iceberg. Once they get going your credit card may see regular charges that you can't control. So a obvious negative is that it costs you money.

But the bigger problem is what they might do to your business. Unfortunately not only do people hand over credit cards but also access to the website administration. In the best case scenario the scammers won't do anything except take you money. In the worse case scenario they will use dodgy black hat practices that might get your website banned or blacklisted.


Google Mobile Friendly Websites


Some of the most recent spam that we have been told about and seen is related to the Google changes to look at the user experience of websites across different devices. Now Google will try to determine if your pages are usable on mobile devices. It does this by checking various aspects of the page and ability to use touch. 

This has brought on a plethora of new spam opportunities with offers of quick fixes and mobile apps or mobile versions of your website.

Reality is that it is important to have a mobile friendly version of your website specially if you are selling online. But the first place to start is with your existing service provider and not a spammer you don't know and you should not trust.


But SEO is a murky jungle so who do we trust?


This is probably the most regular message we get from our customers and to a degree it is true. So before you jump into an SEO contract do some research. Firstly you can download a very easy to read PDF guide from Google - Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. This guide will help you understand some of the basics.

ePages contains lots of features to help you get the best search engine results and you can find a lot of information in our Frequently Asked Questions. ePages also has a dedicated SEO Dashboard that helps you manage the SEO for each page yourself. 

SEO Dashboard epages


If you are an eCorner customer we offer free SEO reviews and regular free webinars on SEO and digital marketing. ePages has an SEO manager built in to the content management administration and it will provide guidance on SEO best practice and rate each page automatically. We provide free online training on the use of the SEO Manager.


ePages Academy provides a great training video:





Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important issue that you should be considering if you have a business website or are selling online. But remember SEO is not magic and there are no simple short cuts. To make your business successful you need to understand your business and your market. Some SEO scammer that is thousands of kilometers away probably does not understand either your business or your market.


"If it sounds to good to be true then it is most likely a scam."

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