Responsive eCommerce Website Design Update

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Responsive eCommerce Website Design Update

Responsive eCommerce Website Design Update

Time to refresh your business website.

Web design and user experience can play a significant part in the success and growth of your online business. You need a design that reflects your brand and one that works across a range of platforms, browsers and devices. You might not know it but eCorner has an in-house design team that can work with you to create the ultimate design!

Online Sales Growth

We’ve seen online sales grow significantly over the last 12-18 months as people shift more towards contact-less trading. The largest growth area that we’ve seen is in mobile sales – that is online purchases made by mobile phones and tablets.

The way in which your website displays and functions on mobile devices is extremely important. It should be “responsive” meaning that it will automatically adapt or respond to the type of device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc) that is accessing the site and display the appropriate design.

Design Update Packages

eCorner has some outstanding new design themes that we can tailor to your needs or we can create a custom theme just for your website and online store. You can get a new responsive theme installed from just $1,400.00 or a customised theme from just $2,000.00. eCorner will provide a quote for you based on your initial brief.

Once the new design is installed eCorner will assist to optimise the website and look at key settings and search engines factors. Contact us now for a free consultation and quote.

We’re including some recent design projects to give you an idea of what can be achieved for a very modest investment.


Xchange Sports were moving from another platform and needed a website design that would reflect the brand and provide a great user experience.

"We have been very happy with our new website. It looks professional and very easy to navigate. Our experience with the customer service at eCorner has been great. They handle things very efficiently and are available for any questions we have. We will be pursuing future web projects with them and highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a professional website."
Anthony Kotarac, Xchange



Engineering Australia Book Shop, EABOOKS, wanted to update and modernise their design while maintaining the corporate and professional look and feel.

“eCorner were so easy to deal with. We gave them a brief and their design team did the rest. We’re thrilled with the final result”
Elena Vvedenskaia, Engineers Australia



Capitol Computers is a Sydney CBD based IT Reseller. COVID saw their city based shop impacted and sale had to quickly move online. The project objectives was to update the look and feel with improved graphics and branding while providing a platform to support over 100,000 stock items.



Suttons Automotive moved to a new ERP system and web platform. They wanted a design that reflected the brand and provided a easy and safe portal for members and Holden lovers to shop and buy online. Important was to ensure a fully mobile friendly website.


Mobile Responsive Design

Over 70% of ecommerce sales now come from mobile devices. But many online store operators still see the desktop as the main view of their website.

Mobile responsiveness refers to how well a website runs on a mobile device with a smaller screen, such as a smartphone. Mobile responsiveness is important for online retail and ecommerce websites as more consumers are searching and buying using their mobile phones. What makes mobile responsiveness possible is the design used on the website.

Design for mobile devices needs to take into account important features to improve usability:

  1. Size and complexity of the web pages
  2. Size of images displayed on mobiles
  3. Simpler touch navigation
  4. Use of focused icons and not long text links
  5. Reduced text in conversions
  6. Simpler basket process

The design and layout of your website will change when viewed on mobile devices and the design elements will be simplified. But the full functionality of the online store needs to be retained.


Mobile Menu and Search

The website menu allows the consumer visiting the website to browse and find the products that they want to view and buy. So you need to make the process as easy as possible. But the reality is that over 80% of visitors coming to a website on smart phones will use search and not category browse to find what they need. So when transitioning from desktop and tablet view to mobile phone view the category menu will take less landscpe and the search bar should be more focused for visitors.

But with large websites with thousands or categories, browse just may not be practical and so the search capabilities need to be intuitive and fast. Predictive and filtered search results are essential on mobile devices.

capitolcomputer mobile menu
responsive search results

What is the next step?

Getting a new design for your website and online shop is a easy process but does need your input. eCorner will provide example designs and recommendations based on what best fits your business. Designs mockups are created on a testing version of the website so that it can be reviewed without impacting the production website. When the design is approved we schedule, and agree, a time to update the production website. This typically is a fast process and does not impact the website operation.

eCorner deliver a number of new assets as part of the update and provide additional training and documentation to assist in understanding any custom areas.

Graphic design deliverables

  • eCorner provided responsive theme, modern and fully responsive on all devices.
  • Recommendations for banner, background, and icons.
  • Create and upload promotional carousel images for the homepage with call to action and links.
  • Styling for header, footer, sidebar elements, buttons, headings, tables, navigation, search bar and social media integration.
  • eCorner will recommend, create and design calls to action such as search, phone & email links, guarantees, newsletter subscription, a share box, promotional products, wish-lists, ratings, product recommendations.
  • We provide three rounds of client review modifications based on feedback for basic themes and there may be additional for more custom designs.
  • Create standard page layouts as per theme to suit existing content.
  • Modify the colours of the theme as required to fit with business branding requirements and logo.
  • Provided licensed fonts using Fontawsome with style and colours to match the rest of the design.
  • Provide a body and content font based on modern web fonts.
  • Theme includes styling for header, footer, sidebar elements, buttons, headings, tables, navigation, search bar and social media integration.
  • Basket and Check out based on Individual Steps method with design updates to match the rest of the website.
  • Consolidate category structure if required for main menu by creating links (sub-categories) to existing categories. The original categories will remain unchanged but maybe hidden from the main menu.
  • Provide updated layouts for search results with predictive and filtered search for all devices.
  • Update layout of registration and account pages with cleaner structure.
  • Training and documentation.

Design update quotes and reviews

eCorner will review your existing website design and provide a quote free of charge, just contact eCorner to request a free consultation.

Free Consultation and Quote

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