Setting Up International Shipping and Regions

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Setting Up International Shipping and Regions

Setting Up International Shipping and Regions

Give International Visitors a Good User Experience

If you intend to sell internationally then you will also need to ensure that you are able to calculate the correct shipping for international deliveries. Doing that with ePages is a simple process but does take a few steps to be completed successfully. Once setup then your visitors that have an international address will only see the shipping methods that relate to international deliveries. The shipping estimator in the product page will also allow the correct selection for international customers.

Australia Post has both domestic and international shipping options. However these must be set up as two separate shipping methods. Shipping methods can be assigned to specific countries using the “Regions” capability in ePages. We will go through each of the steps to setup the settings needed to ensure that your international customers get the best experience in the guide that you can download.

Setting up international shipping methods take 5 steps to complete:

  1. Tax settings  for international
  2. Country settings – to enable the display of multiple country names
  3. Region settings – to group countries into regions
  4. Creating multiple shipping methods
  5. Assigning shipping methods to Regions

You may have already setup your online store for international tax and countries so in that case you do not need to repeat steps 1 and 2.

Why is International Shipping important?

If you have not setup an international shipping method on your website but allow orders of overseas then you may be in a situation where you will have an incorrect shipping cost added to an order. If you want to accept international orders then it is a very good idea to correctly setup the shipping methods.

The countries that you want to sell and ship to should be specifcally selected. When you are adding countries to your online store these is an ability to add all countries. However we recommend that you exclude those countries where it will be impractical or unlikely that you would sell or ship products. By excluding the country from the list the customer will not be able to select their specific country and will not be able to complete checkout.

You can download the complete guide to international shipping from our website - just click here for the International Shipping Setup Guide.


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