Welcome to the New Financial Year 2020

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Welcome to the New Financial Year 2020

Happy FY2020 - What's new at eCorner?

Thank you for working with and supporting eCorner in FY2019, and a big welcome and our best wishes for FY2020

Every year delivers new opportunities to improve our service and support, and we are continuously looking at how best to bring you the tools needed to be successful online. Here are our latest improvements to the platform and our offering to you.

What's new or exciting:

  1. Afterpay now available
  2. Vend POS now available
  3. Unleashed Inventory Management now available
  4. Australia Post Shipping and Tracking Update
  5. Shopping Cart Recovery
  6. Resellerate updates
  7. What's coming



You will all be aware that the Buy Now Pay Later has grown rapidly and there has been over 500% increase is consumers using those services in the last year. eCorner has now completed the implementation of the worlds leading provider, Afterpay. The new service will be available to all eCorner merchants but you will need to apply for an Afterpay merchant account.

We also support ZipPay and Openpay in the buy now pay later marketplace.



Vend Point of Sale (POS)

Merchants who run both an online store and physical store can find the management of inventory and sales complex. eCorner has now completed the integration of Vend Point of Sale the worlds leading POS solution for small to medium sized businesses. Vend is a complete, cloud based, POS solution for your business and now seamlessly integrates with eCorner's eCommerce solutions.

Once enabled orders and inventory are syncronised between Vend and eCorner to that you can better manage your business.



Unleashed Software - Inventory Management

If you have a large or complex inventory, or run a manufacturing or assembly business, you need to have powerful inventory management. Selling online can mean controlling multiple complex parts and bill of materials. That is not normally a feature of eCommerce systems.

eCorner has now integrated Unleashed Software Inventory Management with our eCommerce solution to support more complex inventory and stock management and reporting. Unleashed also offers barcode scanning and advanced procurement solutions, to speed up and streamline your inventory management processes.

eCorner has also partnered with Unleashed, so if you are interested in setting up an Unleashed account. Let us know and we can assist to get you going!



Australia Post Account Access

This will make it more difficult for online merchants to ship products via Australia Post. eCorner has rebuilt the Australia Post integration using the latest Australia Post shipping and tracking APIs. There a numerous new features available with this new integration.

  • Access to Australia Post and Startrack account pricing (including eParcel rate tables)
  • Improved cubic weight calculations
  • Authorisation to leave confirmation in the checkout
  • Austalia Post shipping insurance

Coming soon we are also commencing a project to enhance your stores with be the ability to create your Australia Post labels, consignment creation and parcel tracking.



Shopping Cart Recovery

eCorner recently completed and announced the beta testing of our new Shopping Cart Recovery system. Most online stores have a percentage of the shopping carts that are created by visitors then abandoned before the sale is compete. There are many reasons for this but generally the person who started the cart is just looking to see the final price. They may then go to other online stores and do the same thing. Often they never complete a purchase.

It has been shown that if you contact those potential customers you can often bring them back to your store and increase your basket conversion rates. The Cart Recovery System allows you to generate and send automated emails to people who have started and then abandoned the shopping basket. This process when done well can increase your completed baskets by a signifigant percentage.

Cart Recover Service operates via Wagtail Reporting and Analytics which is used to collect the basket information necessary to comunicate back to the customer. It is available now with the Pro version of Wagtail Analytics and Reporting. You can find our more by checking out the Cart Recovery System blog. Please contact us for more information or to upgrade to the Pro version of Wagtail.



Resellerate B2B & Reseller Solution

Resellerate continues to be improved with new features and new distributor data feeds. It is an advanced B2B solution for businesses of all sizes. It has been built with resellers in mind and supports a range of data feed integrations from Australian and New Zealand distributors. eCorner can build new data feed to support any companies requirements and the services are not just limited to Information Technology resellers.

Core Resellerate Features:

  • Multiple customers groups and prices lists
  • Log-in to access
  • View group pricing after log-in
  • Price lists with volume and value-based discount structures
  • Simple order forms 6. Multiple delivery addresses per account
  • Save orders to shopping lists and reprocess as new orders
  • Ability to automatically manage data feeds
  • Create purchase orders for distributor orders (dropshipping)
  • Multiple suppliers or warehouses for a product (different stock and prices)
  • Buy price and sell price managed by markup rules
  • Quote management system
  • Addon warranty built-in

Supported Data Feeds:

  • Seltec
  • Brightside
  • Leader Systems
  • MMT
  • CompuWorld
  • Hyka
  • Alloys
  • NEXT
  • Dynamic Supplies
  • Synnex
  • Ingram
  • Dicker
  • XIT
  • BlueChip IT

New stock and price settings:

  • Display manufacturer/RRP in shop
  • Display multiple warehouse location in shop
  • Display sell price based on cheapest supplier
  • Display sell price based on cheapest supplier in stock
  • Add up stock level from all active suppliers
  • Add up stock level from all active suppliers if buy price is less than product list price



What's Coming This Year

eCorner continues to improve and grow our products and services. We will be doing further upgardes to the core capabilities of our eCommerce solution throughout the next 12 months.

We will also be announcing soon an exciting new partnership with one of Australia's most successful Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation companies. We will share more information soon about the services that will be available as well as some introductory offers to help our customers get the most from their online stores and online marketing.


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