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What is Jae listening to now? – Podcasts to fill all that “free time” (May 2017)

What is Jae listening to now? – Podcasts to fill all that “free time” (May 2017)


Wanted to share a few of the podcasts that I’m listening to/find interesting at the moment.

I’ve always loved the podcast format, as you can consume information, tips or stories in easily digestible chunks while leaving your hands free for other things. Whether it be your daily commute, an hour at the gym or your daily picking and packing time, I’ve always found a podcast to be a good way to add a layer of additional productivity to your "free" time.

Listed below are a few podcasts that contain interesting information, tips and tricks for online retailers, as well as a few random ones that I’m listening to at the moment in case you are looking for something else to fill some time.

All of these are available via iTunes if you search for the names below (as well as from their own sites as linked).


eCommerce and Entrepreneurial Podcasts


My Wife Quit Her Job

Tips and advice from successful entrepreneurs generally structured as interviews lead by Steve Chou


The eCommerceFuel Podcast

Advice on scaling an online store with a focus on some of the trickier concepts for eCommerce growth


Build My Online store

Podcasts covering a range of topics on online retail hosted by 2 successful online store owners.


eCommerce Master Plan

Well packaged 30 minute podcasts with stories from successful online retailers.





Edge of the web marketing

Broad focus on digital marketing including SEO, social media and online reputation management.


SEO 101

Excellent resource for SEO beginners


Six Pixels of Separation

Easy to consume explanations of some of the complex issues related to social media and digital marketing.



Other stuff


If like me you also like to think about something other than work for a change, here are some of the random podcasts that I’ve been listening too recently in case any take your fancy…



If you’ve ever talked to someone into podcasts they’ll recommend this one. It’s been on the iTunes charts for a few years. Basically it’s the serialised story of a real life investigation into crimes committed in the USA. Well worth listening to if crime stories are your thing.


Writing Excuses

One of my bucket list aspirations is to one day finish my novel (it’s been a decade but it totally will happen one day)… anyway, this podcast is excellently presented in a 15 minute format and hosted by some of the world’s top sci-fi/fantasy writers. Each podcast deals with one concept or issue with writing a good story. Recommend starting with Season 10 as the format changed and the newer podcasts are great.



Interesting tech related podcast examining the use of new technology in everyday life


No such thing as a fish

Hosted by the people who do the research for the UK TV show ‘QI’ – the hosts share all their favourite trivial facts dug up while researching for the show.



Written and published by Jae Debrincat, General Manager – eCorner Pty Ltd and Registered Tax Agent (25518276).

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