Whats happened to Wagtail?

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Whats happened to Wagtail?

Whats happened to Wagtail?

Wagtail Analytics and Reporting has had a make-over

You may have noticed that Wagtail looks different. We have been working on a new version of Wagtail for sometime and released it to production today. The new version comes with some impressive new features and reports. But importantly we have enhanced and updated the technology for charts so that they will now be faster and smarter.

Let take a quick review of some of the new features.

New design with skins to choose

When you start Wagtail you will see that the format and layout has been updated. You can now also select the skin (design) from four different colours red, orange, blue, grey. This allows you to view colours that might be more comfortable for you. Coming soon we will also be allowing you to create custom dashboards.

visitors wagtail new version 2016

New Login Screen and Method

wagtail logonLogin methods have been changed so that you can now view more than one account in the same browser. Some customers have multiple Wagtail accounts for different websites and were restricted to viewing just one in a browser session. That has now changed and you can open many different Wagtail accounts.

Changes to Last Visitor Report

The last visitor report has been enchanced and now shows goal, link tracker and order status information.

Change in ePages Reports

ePages reporting renamed and is now Database reporting.

Enhanced Date Picker

wagtail date pickerNew date picker has been added that has more capability and with allow you to select new date ranges and also custom ranges.

Updated and Improved Dashboard

The Wagtail dashboards have been completely redeveloped to make then cleaner and easier to use with more modern icons. We have also added more dashboard widgets some of which are realtime widgets to give more up to date data. Also sales and visitor dashboards have been taken away as feedback was that these dashboards where rarely used.

Session Timeout has been changed

As a user you can now choose the timeout session (1/2/4/6/8/12h). 4 hours is the default. This will allow Wagtail to stay open in your browser for as long as normally required without needing to log back in.

Enhanced Basket Tracker

The basket tracker report has been expanded and now has a pop-up page tracker to follow the users path through the shop using the category names from your shop.

Abandoned Baskets report renamed

ePages report on abadonded baskets has been renamed too "uncompleted baskets".

database-reportsNew Database Report

There are now a range of new database reports such as

  • Number of orders by postal code, city, country, shipping reports
  • Orders by payment methods report
  • Orders by currency report

New Average Order Value Information

Average order value field and summary has been added to direct database order reports.

New Technics Report

We have added a new report in Technic for mobile device by country.

New Orders Reports

You will now find new reports in Orders for "Orders by keywords" and "Orders by referrer".

New Affiliate Marketing System

Now you will find a new feature to create affiliate tracking in Wagtail. You need to setup Affiliates in the Setting >> Affiliate manager menu.

create_affiliates in Wagtail

Once you have created your affiliate you can then track and report on orders and visitors by Affilate. This can be done in the Marketing menu >> Affiliates.

Webinar on Wagtail coming up soon

In the next month we will schedule and run a webinar on the use and benefits of Wagtail and all the important features. We will let you all know well in advance.


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