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eCorner Announces ePages Upgrade - V6.17.28 - 20th August 2015

Please be advised that between the hours of 8:00pm on Thursday August 20 and 4:00am on Friday August 21, your eCorner service (website) will be offline as we upgrade our mass-hosted platform.

eCorner is constantly improving our ecommerce infrastructure. It’s aimed at making our systems even more stable, secure and faster. There will be an outage window during the upgrade process and during that outage your website (and site administration area) will be unavailable.

In the lead up to (and during) the upgrade period we request that you stop making content changes and do not re-commence until you receive the "upgrade complete" notification from eCorner. We will provide notifications by email, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter. At the completion of the upgrade period, please check your storefront to make sure that everything is running smoothly.


Why is eCorner upgrading my store?

eCorner has made a commitment to provide our customers with the best possible service, software and support. To do that, we need to constantly improve the software (and infrastructure) that supports your online store.


Why will it take so long?

We understand that this is a significant outage but there are some major changes that we need to make. It is quite a lengthy install and testing process but we'll try to get it done as quickly as we can.


What are some of the new features?

A lot of the improvements will happen at the system level. They relate to vulnerability improvements, application enhancements and changes to the way ePages interacts with other systems. There are also some improvements to the back office including:

  • A completely new content editor with significant improvements to the WYSIWYG components
  • Ability to view 'top selling products' in the ePages dashboard
  • The addition of four new design templates
  • Simplified editing of multiple eBay items
  • Dedicated tax matrix for Canada and U.S.A
  • Improvements to field placements for order documents
  • Inclusion of PayPal PLUS
  • Improvements to image load times

Coming soon...

A range of new design themes that you can purchase directly from ePages. These new 'themes' can take your store to the next level! 

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