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eCorner covid-19 Information, Actions and Response

eCorner COVID-19 Actions and Information

To our customers and business partners:

We thought it was important to get in touch regarding COVID-19 and shed some light on how we are adapting to these new business conditions. eCorner has already implemented a range of contingency plans to make sure that our software, services and infrastructure will be available in the event of a complete office closure. We’ve already set up Virtual Private Networks and prepared remote access for all of our staff members so that we can continue to operate as normal in the event of a complete office closure.

Our core business partners (ePages, Macquarie Telecom, eWay, PayPal, Australia Post, Shippit and others) have all implemented similar action plans so they can continue to support the tools that keep you selling online. We’re in constant communication with ePages in Germany and have set up a dedicated support channel to assist us with any major issues.

Some customers have experienced significantly increased traffic to their websites as a result of more people using the online shopping channels. We are monitoring all traffic and activity to ensure that your website continues to operate correctly.

We strongly suggest that you are very careful of any emails offering advice or assistance with corona virus and covid-19. There have been a number of cases of scams and hackers using the current situation for exploitation. We have provided some links below to government information websites that offer up to date information on COVID-19.

So please rest assured that eCorner has done everything possible to make sure that your online business can continue to operate in this new environment. We stand ready to help you continue to build and grow when conditions start to improve. In the short-term, please let us know if there’s anything that we can do to help. We have an extensive range of support documentation on our website and help is just a click away by contacting

You can also assist by only submitting real technical support issues arising from a failure or error in the system. There are answers and tutorials to most common issues available in our FAQs on the eCorner website.

Covid-19 Information Websites:

Australian Government Department of Health – covid-19 information

Australian Government Department of Health – Social Distancing Information

World Health Organisation – covid-19 information

NSW Health – covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

John Debrincat
Chief Executive Officer

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