Some International Customers

eCorner has customers in many countries

Payment Methods

We support PayPal for all PayPal-approved countries as well as WorldPay.

In addition we support the DPS payment gateway for our New Zealand merchants and for the USA.

ePages, the eCommerce technology we use, supports dozens of payment solutions from all around the world.

Prices, Tax Areas and Shipping

eCorner Stores Plus websites can work with many lanugages and currencies. We can setup multiple tax areas and also shipping by region.

Language support

Get your multi-lingual website from eCorner.

Yes, eCorner and ePages support all the Asian double byte character languages. What does that mean? Some languages use 2 bytes in a computer to store 1 character. So the technology has to handle this correctly.

We can also provide websites in any language and for any country. Our technology is double byte character enabled and uses Unicode. You can have multiple languages in the same page and you can switch between multiple languages and currencies.

If you are interested in a site in Asia or to sell into Asia then contact us by email at or call us on International +61 2 9494 0200.

We have a great partner network. If you email us and let us know your location we can have our local representative contact you.