Lawpath Online Legal Services

Lawpath Online Legal Services

Lawpath Online Legal Service

After you start your online business making sure that you protect it is an important step. Having all the right information like Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Conditions of Usage etc is very important for your success. 

Trust is an important aspect of any business. Recent government statistics found that that 8 in 10 users check the security of a website before providing personal information, while 37% of Australians state that a privacy policy helped them make a decision on whether to use a website. You can read more about Trust and Building Your Reputation at the LawPath Blog.


LawPath is Australia’s largest and fastest growing Online Legal Service.


They provide technology powered legal services at a fraction of the time, cost and complexity of the traditional system.


Where do you get legal information?


Many businesses starting online just pinch terms and conditions from other sites or boiler plate documents. However that can cause real issues later on for your business.

There are countless legal “boiler plates” available and these days every other law firm offers boiler plates online, so what makes LawPath so different?

LawPath is a technology company, built by a team who are passionate about making legal easier, faster and more cost effective through smart technology. LawPath makes customising legal documents painless with easy online interviews, allowing you to store and share your documents within the LawPath dashboard.


Why should I use LawPath?


Legal templates are available everywhere on the internet, and while some are good others put you at material risk by using them, and it’s often hard to tell who drafted them. We’re transparent about the origins of our products! LawPath have partnered with LexisNexis, the world's oldest legal content provider, to have their documents drafted by Australia’s top tier law firms. This means you get the all the protection of a platinum plated document at a price every business can afford.


How does LawPath work?

  1. Choose your Documents, drafted by Australia's top tier law firms.
  2. Complete and download in minutes via a simple online form
  3. Sign it and make it legal or further customise with a LawyerReview

I need help with my legal documents!

If you would like to have Lawpath help with your legal documents then complete the simple form below and they will get back to you.

What documents or information do you need?