eCommerce SEO Solutions

eCommerce SEO Solutions

eCommerce SEO Solutions

Did you know, 70% of the online shopping journey starts with a Google or Amazon search? (Power Reviews) There’s enormous revenue potential in your visibility across search engines, through capturing proactive and ready-to-buy consumers as they look online. That’s why the fastest-growing and most successful eCommerce businesses dedicate enormous resources to translate rankings into real sales growth.

The only catch? The world of eCommerce SEO is hyper-specialised, highly competitive, and always changing. In fact, Google updates its algorithm hundreds of times a year.

That’s why a personalised eCommerce SEO solution from trusted specialists is one of the best investments for an eCommerce business. There’s a lot happening behind the curtain — from building links through high-quality content and improving the user experience through more refined site architecture — but the end game is simple. SEO will skyrocket your conversions and grow your sales. Most importantly, you’ll drive serious digital results, helping you deliver an unbelievable ROI every single time.

To become the brand everyone knows and loves, you must first become top of mind and top of the rankings.

The elements of a high-performing eCommerce SEO strategy

An effective eCommerce SEO solution focuses on tailoring a strategy to achieve your business goals. The essential elements include:


Killer keyword research

Comprehensive keyword research provides you with in-depth insights on what people are searching for online. This then ensures your digital activites only focuses on the most profitable and relevant keywords that will attract and convert the most qualified traffic.


Content that converts

Once you’ve matched your keywords to search intent, you’ll need to make sure the content on your site is optimised for targeting (and converting) niche audiences with specific terms. Doing so will help your website boost its online visibility for years to come.


Building authority through strategic backlinks

Like a popularity contest, Google treats every website that links to your website as a vote of confidence about how trustworthy your business is. The greater quantity of high-quality, relevant links results in a more authoritative website — and as a consequence higher search engine rankings. That’s why strategic link building factors into every comprehensive and rock-solid SEO campaign.


Perfecting site architecture

SEO and site architecture go together like bread and butter. You can’t have one without the other. This is because a well-structured website answers the needs of both your customers and Google. Customers want an intuitive experience that makes it as easy as possible to find what they’re looking for (in other words, your products), and Google values a crawlable and high performing infrastructure.

Exclusive eCommerce SEO Offer Available

eCorner is partnering with Online Marketing Guru to tailor and deliver an SEO strategy for your online store. Online Marketing Gurus’ evidence-based approach delivers transparent results that boost sales for the long run.

Online Marketing Gurus

Curious to see what an eCommerce SEO solution could do for your business? There’s one quick and reliable way of mapping out the tried and true path to soaring sales. Claim a free SEO Audit today!

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