Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

Service Levels for Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers (SLA)

Service level agreement that is applicable to eCorner dedicated hosting and virtual private server (VPS) hosting. Content of this web page may be updated from time to time to reflect changes in service levels and technology.

New Service Process

The Customer may request eCorner to provide new services from time to time, either in the form of further quantities of the Services already supplied under this SLA; or other information technology, telecommunications or related services. Any new services will be at the Customer cost.

New Service Options

eCorner will either decline a request and give the Customer its reasons for doing so or give the Customer a proposal for the provision of the new service incorporating the information eCorner reasonably considers relevant, including timing, price, any changes required to this SLA such as additional service levels, the anticipated effect on existing Services and warranty details.

If the parties agree to proceed with the proposed new service, the parties will execute a work order. The work order will include a description of the work involved in the supply of the new service, a timetable for implementing the new service, the price, or method of pricing, for the new service, any service levels applicable to the new service, any amendments to this SLA, whether generally or confined in their operation to the new service and other terms the parties agree. Once a work order is signed, this SLA will incorporate the new service as part of the Services, subject to the terms of the work order.

System changes

Systems Infrastructure

eCorner may be required to make changes to the Systems Infrastructure from time to time.

All changes to, or other impacts on, the Systems Infrastructure will be dealt with in accordance with the Systems Infrastructure Procedures

Specific Infrastructure

eCorner will not make any changes to applications or infrastructure provided solely to the Customer (the Customer Specific Infrastructure), except as follows:

  1. to apply bug fixes for applications which have not been customised;
  2. in response to a service or problem request from the Customer;
  3. in the case of emergency maintenance to infrastructure; or
  4. with the prior consent of the Customer.

If any disruption is involved in instituting a permitted changed, eCorner will use all reasonable efforts to schedule that disruption so as to minimise the impact on the services.


The Customer has rights to various applications used for their Business, details of the applications and the arrangements agreed for them are included specific customer agreements or statements of work.

Adoption of new technology

The Customer may request eCorner to adopt agreed new technology relating to the Services at a cost to be agreed.

Change control


If a party wishes to vary the Services or any other provision of this SLA, the parties agree to comply with the procedure described in this clause.

The parties will jointly prepare a change proposal containing the information reasonably necessary for the Customer Representative and the eCorner Representative to consider the merits of the proposal.

A change proposal must include:

  1. The scope of the change required;
  2. The technical feasibility of the proposal;
  3. The effect of the proposal on functionality, capacity and performance of the Services (including any effect on the Service Levels);
  4. A timetable for implementation;
  5. The cost or savings of implementing the proposal, both initially and on an ongoing basis; and;
  6. Any other effect of the proposal on this SLA.

The parties will consider the change request in good faith and agree whether to accept or reject the proposal after receipt.

Acceptance of change request

If the parties accept a change proposal eCorner agrees to implement the proposal, at the cost agreed by the parties; and the parties agree to make any necessary consequential amendments to this SLA.

Infrastructure security

System Security

eCorner will manage and administer the logical security of the Infrastructure, and the physical security for Infrastructure located at eCorner facilities.

eCorner will develop and maintain the security policy and any material changes to the performance of the Infrastructure Services as a result of changes in the security policy may attract additional service fees on a time and materials basis.  This work includes any response to audits or regulatory requirements that require a material change to eCorner’s performance of the

The Customer and eCorner will use all reasonable endeavours to minimise the risk of security breaches and, where a breach occurs, contain the impact. Further, the Customer and eCorner will fully co-operate to recover the impact associated with a security breach.

eCorner Responsibilities

eCorner is responsible for:

  1. Administering the security systems, management and enforcement of the security policies and;
  2. reviewing security policies and procedures for effectiveness and recommend improvements;
  3. Monitoring systems availability;
  4. Recovery and restarting in compliance with security procedures.

Customer Responsibilities

The Customer is responsible for:

  1. In consultation with eCorner, reviewing security policies and procedures for effectiveness and recommend improvements;
  2. Ensuring the Customer employees are familiar with and comply with security policy and controls; and
  3. Providing eCorner with authorisation criteria and a list of authorised personnel.

Problem Reporting

eCorner Responsibilities

  1. Act as the initial point-of-contact for Technical Users from the Customer  with problems relating to the in-scope systems and services and raise the problem record via the eCorner problem ticketing system –
  2. Obtain caller and problem information, record and classify the problem
  3. Escalate the problem according to the details and agreed priority of the problem;
  4. Provide updates to the problem originator as required;
  5. Maintain historical records of problems and resolutions.

The Customer Responsibilities

  1. Notify eCorner of any change of status of a problem that has been routed to the Customer support staff; and provide a clear description of the problem encountered.
  2. Notify eCorner of any changes made to core applications or services.
  3. Provide a full and complete description of any issues including the time and date of the incident and applicable screen images

Backup and Recovery

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Images

Daily images (copies) are taken of each VPS and these are kept for three (3) days.

The VPS Images are for the recovery of a single server/s. eCorner will initiate a recovery from an image when a specific VPS instance has to be replaced or replicated.

File Backup

Important files from each server are backed up daily to a local storage device in the data centre. This storage device is in turn backed up by a data centre managed backup process that occurs daily. The backup files are held in a separate data centre and are transferred via a fibre link. The off-site backups are held for thirty (30) days and then destroyed.

The File Backups are for the recovery of the whole application environment and are not for the recovery of individual sites within the application.

Application or File Restore

In the event that the application or file fails, and is required to be restored from a backup, then eCorner will initiate the recovery process.

In the event that a file or application restoration is requested by the Customer then the cost of the restore will be based on the service fees as specified in this SLA. The time to restore the file/s will be dependent on the number and size of the files to be restored.

Systems Monitoring

All systems will be monitored on a continual basis with notification sent to eCorner when failures or outages occur.

eCorner will:

  1. Monitor all physical servers that support the virtual servers and respond to any issues.
  2. Monitor all Systems Infrastructure and respond to any issues
  3. Monitor Specific Infrastructure and Applications:
    1. Virtual Private Servers are monitored by a monitoring system in the data center and also by an external monitoring system that will alert eCorner support in the event of an issue
    2. Monitor the application (ePages) using an internal monitoring system and an external monitoring system that will alert in the event of an application failure or inability to connect to the application via the internet. The external service will check once each minute and will notify if not available for a period of five (5) minutes.
  4. Notify The Customer of any outage that might affect the viability of the application and its usage

Service level management

Services Availability

The Application Maintenance Services contemplated in this SLA will be available during normal eCorner business hours (Business Hours) which are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (AEST) Monday to Friday excluding gazetted public holidays in New South Wales.

Workload Planning

The workload of eCorner will be managed on a day to day basis by eCorner.  The following are general principles that will be used to manage the workload:

  1. It is more important to obtain system specified stability rather than to add new functionality into production;
  2. Conflicting priorities will be resolved by the companies representatives based on business benefit and resource availability. 
  3. All Work Orders must be approved by the Customer unless related to a Problem encountered outside Business Hours;
  4. Any work to be performed by eCorner must be documented as a Work Order logged through appropriate the Customer personnel.  Severe Problems requiring urgent attention may circumvent this requirement initially, but must be logged when time permits;
  5. Problem type of Work Orders may be submitted by an Authorised the Customer User during Business Hours and by any User out of Business Hours; and
  6. It is the intent of the Customer and eCorner to balance the allocation of the eCorner resources in a manner that efficiently and cost effectively best meets the tactical and strategic goals of both parties.

Priority Process for Problem Management

All problems will be handled at the outset with the same attention to priority. After consultation with the Customer problem priority will be ordered to give the most effective response.

Service Levels

Excusable Failure

eCorner is not responsible for any failure to meet a Minimum Service Level to the extent such failure is due to:

  1. The Customer personnel’s use of the Services other than in accordance with this SLA;
  2. Any problem in the telecommunications carrier services;
  3. Actions or omissions by third party vendors or the Customer personnel; or
  4. Agreed variations to a Work Order.

Critical service levels

Availability Systems and Specific Infrastructure

System, Infrastructure component

Scheduled Hours

Service Level

WAN/LAN Network Infrastructure



eCorner Managed VPS and Dedicated servers



Support service levels

Problem Resolution Time

As part of the Services, eCorner will provide response, reporting and resolution for the Supported Applications in accordance with the service level table below and within business hours 8:30 AM – 5:30 OM (AEST) Monday to Friday (excluding gazetted public holidays).



Time to Respond

Progress Report

Time to Resolve or Workaround



60 minutes

60 minutes

4 hours



3 hours

3 hour

12 hours



12 hours


30 days



24 hours


30 days

OCL = On Resolution of Error or completion of Service Request.


eCorner will endeavour to ensure the service is available 99.9% of the time per calendar month. Outages that are a result of 3rd party systems that are out of eCorner's control will not be included in the calculation of availability.

Availability Calculation

Availability shall be calculated as follows:

               A = (1 – B/C) * 100


A - is the Availability (as a percentage) of the availability for the relevant month

B - is the total time in the relevant month during which the Customer website or management systems are not available to be accessed from the World Wide Web due to Errors and; excludes Permitted Outages and Excusable Downtime or Failure.

C - is the total time in the relevant month.

For the purposes of this Agreement, Permitted Outages means an outage which occurs within the mutually agreed service window(s) as was notified by eCorner within a reasonable timeframe in advance of the outage.