B2B eCommerce Solutions

B2B eCommerce Software Platform for Australian Businesses


eCorner eCommerce B2B Platform can deliver a business to business (B2B) eCommerce solution for your business quickly at a cost that you can afford. Starting with our B2B on-demand solution Small from just $49 a month and scaling to an enterprise level dedicated solution such as Enterprise Flex with integration to other systems. Our B2B Platform is tailored to the business needs of Australian companies. Enabling a B2B solution for your business can have many quick wins and benefits such as:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced operational costs - improved profit
  • Great reach for new business
  • Faster order management and fulfillment
  • Improved customer satisfaction and relationships

Business to Business (B2B) delivers business efficiency and effective resource usage

Businesses are using the web to get the best deal and improve the business process. Like consumers, business buyers now use the web to search for products and services with over 80% of all business transactions starting with a search. Businesses are time poor and are searching for products at all times and from locations outside the office. Communication has become digital with negotiations happening over the web.

Benefit from all ePages features, Australian servers & local support

Enabling the essential functionality

So what makes up a B2B eCommerce website and what are the essential functions that are needed?

There are many similarities and common features between B2B and B2C websites. Most of the expected B2C capabilities are used for B2B such as faceted and filtered product search, cross sell and upsell. But there are some unique features that may not normally be used in a B2C website.

User account capability

Businesses need generally to pay based on invoice (although use of credit cards is rising). The user accessing the B2B site to place an order needs to have their credentials verified via a user name and password. This will allow changes in the user experience and information available (such as product catalogues or pricing) to be accessed.

Customer groups

Every user that has access to the B2B website needs to be assigned certain capabilities like payment methods or special pricing. Customer groups allow the site owner to assign criteria to each user that can control their actions in the website. Customer Groups are also used for marketing and promotional purposes. A customer group might be one company (and its employees) or a groups of companies.

ePages B2B customer groups

In some cases the business will want the site closed to anyone who does not have credentials to log in to the website. In this case no content except a home page marketing message is seen by the general visitor who might try to access the site.

Special pricing or price lists

B2B customers rarely use the recommended retail price (RRP). Most B2B systems will have multiple prices for each product with a specific price, discount or markup assigned to a specific customer group. Most people understand the concept of RRP and discounts but some B2B sites don't deal with RRP at all. The base price is the manufacturers wholesale price and the price to each customer is based on a "mark-up" or a percentage increase to the base price. B2B systems have to be flexible to handle many different pricing scenarios with both bulk or value based discounting at a product level.

epages B2B pricelist

Resellerate - Tools to power your reseller, drop ship or distribution business

Resellerate B2B solution

eCorner have built an add-on system to our online stores designed specifically for resellers, drop shippers and IT distributors. We call that add-on 'Resellerate' and it includes all the tools an reseller needs to efficiently manage your online store.

Automated supplier delivery datafeeds - Many businesses and distributors have the products that they sell shipped directly from the manufacturer or distributor warehouse. Stock and price might change daily and there may be many different warehouse locations. Accuracy in price and availability is essential as often margins can be slim. The data feeds need to be automated to update when changes occur. These tools include automated margin and mark up rules to always ensure your online sales are profitable.

The ability to automatically accept data feeds which are files that contain product, pricing and inventory information is essential for modern B2B. However it is also important to be able to create those data feed files from a B2B system that are sent to the businesses that might resell your products.

Quote management and conversion tools - selling B2B, your customers may need official quotes for internal approval prior to ordering from you. Resellerate includes an integrated quoting tool to create and manage your open quotes, including margin and shipping cost calculators, to manage profitability.

Multi price and multi warehouse - you can show your customers a range of options on your storefront including price comparisons from multiple suppliers as well as stock availability and warehouse locations. Allowing you or your customers the freedom to purchase the product based on their pricing and delivery requirements.


Multiple currencies, countries and languages

Many businesses sell internationally and need to be able to present their products in different currencies and languages. Internationally eCommerce is booming with huge growth markets like China looking for products. What better time to think international than after the recently signed Free Trade Agreements with China and Japan. We have built-in tax, payment and shipping to support your business needs locally and internationally. 

Restrict content by customer groups

There may be some content on the online store that is not open to just anyone accessing the site.This might be access to specific product information or assets or it could be marketing information that is confidential to business partners. B2B sites need to ability to restrict access to content by customer or customer group.

Integration and customisation essential

If the business running the B2B website is substantial and handling 1000's of orders and maybe 100,000's of products then integration is a key factor of success. Most larger businesses will rely on back office systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or accounting systems to manage the business overall. The ability for the B2B website to integrate seamlessly is essential to ensure efficient operations.

Of course no two businesses ever want exactly the same solution!

The ability to build custom functionality and to modify the existing functionality and user experience is essential.

Sell to consumers or to businesses and reach your marketplace

When you sell online you can support different business models. Typically it will be B2C - Business to Consumer or B2B - Business to Business. However, some online stores want to support both. eCorner makes it easy no matter what business model you need.

ePages connects seamlessly to your ERP or accounting system

ePages has the ability to connect and pass data back and forth between other systems that are critical to manage your business. If you use ERP systems like SAP Business One, Navision or SAGE we have a connector to enable complete integration of the online channel with the rest of the business processes. However we can connect to any system with custom development by our qualified developers.

We now support a range of accounting and shipping systems likeXero, SAP Business One, Pentana EraNET, Unleashed and many more.

Connect your business and sell through eBay and many other shopping portals

eBay and similar portals (such as Facebook shop, Google shopping and Amazon) have become extensions of the B2B opportunity. Many businesses are using eBay as a method to get new business relationships and sales. So eBay is not just the place where consumers go to look for deals. Your business can create a new fast channel to market and find new buyers. There are many advanced features in the eCorner's packages that can be utilised out-of-the-box. One of those is our advanced eBay connector. It allows you to list and manage sales from your store directly onto eBay. It supports all the eBay features as well as eBay stores. eBay support is free with your B2B online store from eCorner and so is the support for many other portals and marketplaces.

Amazon-Logo-110.png           GoogleShoppingLogo-110.png          Shoppingcom-Logo-110.gif         eBay_logo.gif            getprice.jpg

Your customisable shop design creates a great user experience on any device

Got a special design in mind? With an online store package from eCorner you can have your very own personalised design that will make your online store stand out from the crowd. Best of all it will work on any device - Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile (Google Mobile Friendly) out-of-the-box.

We provide FREE professionally designed templates that you can use to quickly create a unique and personalised designs for your shop - you can take a look at some of the great free templates and features at Templates and Design information

We also have a selection of custom design templates available to give your design a quick boost. Check out the catalogue here - Online Store Design Themes & Installation.

Accept Payments Online - make sure your customers feel secure


Accept credit cards online securely and process payments via a Payment Gateway.

All eCorner Stores are PCI DSS compliant. Payment Gateways have to be integrated into your website. eCorner has already integrated a number of leading Payment Gateways including PayPal (Standard, Express and Payflow), eWAY, Payment Express, SecurePay, ZipMoney and Worldpay. These are made available as part of the package from eCorner. 

Shipping and logistics - get your products to your customers

eCorner provide a wide variety of shipping methods built-in which you can setup on your website. These handle just about any possibility. We also provide integration to Australia Post for calculating shipping cost in the shopping basket. All these calculators and shipping methods are out-of-the-box with an online store from eCorner.

B2B can often mean complex logistics. Businesses might be selling and shipping many items in an order or large and bulky items. Shipping cost calculations need to conform to the businesses requirements. Our B2B solution has many built-in shipping methods that can handle most situations. However we can also customise the shipping as needed or integrate to 3PL companies and logistics handling.

Get found fast on Google with great SEO


Now that you have your online store setup and running you need to be found on Google and other search engines. With an eCorner hosted online store you will be found fast. Using our search engine optimisation (SEO) manager (cockpit) you can get great results without paying for an expert and it is out-of-the-box.

Included are all the tools that you need to make sure that your content is available and found on Google and other search engines. The SEO cockpit is built-in and ranks each and every page and product on your website. It provides ideas and advice to help you improve your ranking and organic search results.

If you need more assistance, ask about our SEO experiences and packages.


Customisable software - develop custom features and unique designs

Get a free ecommerce project quote from eCorner

B2B implementation projects can be simple and can be enabled using the built-in features of the software. However some B2B projects require customer features, integration to external systems and electronic data integration to suppliers (EDI). There are practically no limits to the design or scope of your Cloud Enterprise Plus online store. We can modify the software and add features on your behalf. Use your online shop as a catalogue that communicates with your key accounts’ electronic procurement solutions, or have a product configurator built for customised orders. Nothing is impossible.

More importantly ePages can expand as your business customer base expands, as your products expand and as your visitors and orders expand. By increasing the capabilities of the cloud based servers we can handle any volume.

Ready for third-party systems thanks to open web services

System partners that use Cloud Enterprise Plus to set up online stores can integrate third-party systems thanks to open Web services. Integrate a logistics system to optimise ordering processes and delivery processes, Point of sale (POS) system to collect payments through physical stores or network your online shop with your ERP for enhanced efficiency. For such tasks we supply extensive documentation.

ePages provides web services that can be used to perform any task or access any information seamlessly and in real-time. It might be sending your orders off to the logistics provider or accessing your customer data to send to your CRM. There is a webservices API to handle every possible task and if we missed one then we can create it for you.


eCorner professional services can deliver to your requirements

eCorner can develop B2B solutions to meet your organisations unique needs. Our professional services team is comprised of qualified web developers based in Australia who have completed 100's of custom eCommerce development projects. eCorner can undertake a review and scope your requirements and the provide a complete Statement of Work that will detail the project scope and outcome. Each project has a committed delivery timeframe and assigned developers and project management.

eCorner guarantees all work that is undertaken and provide a extended warranty period.

Projects can be on a fixed price or time and materials basis and flexible payment terms are available.

Australian owned, operated & based - scalable cloud Virtual Private Servers - PCI Compliant

eCorner is Australian owned and operated

eCorner's on-demand online shop solution will fit any business. You get all the features and security but leave all the hassles to eCorner. You get to run your business and not have to worry about managing the technology. Every one of our on-demand eCommerce packages comes with hosting included and unlimited data transfer. eCorner's secure hosting is PCI DSS compliant and comes with a 99.9% service level guarantee.

Your online store will be hosted right here in Australia and is safe and secure, but the world wide web means that you can sell to any country or from any country without an issue. Our systems are regularly upgraded in features and functions to keep you ahead of your competition.

1000's of local businesses, small and large, have trusted eCorner, take a look at some examples in our Customer Gallery.

eCorner can build a solution for your business regardless of how big or how complicated the project might be. Come and talk with us and get a free project assessment and quote.

For more complex solutions eCorner provides virtual private servers (VPS) hosted in our own private cloud. Every server comes with a high level of redundancy and daily backups included. eCorner VPS are built for eCommerce and ePages and start from $360 per month with no installation fee and include our service level agreement (SLA).

eCorner is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) accedited and undertakes an annual compliance audit using a qualified security advisor.

Maximum security and performance on your own cloud based private virtual server

By using Cloud Enterprise Plus it means that resources are not shared with other online shop operators. Profit from the performance and operator-friendly administration that is built into the Cloud Enterprise Plus environment. The eCommerce system will run on cloud based virtual servers that are secure and dedicated. Service and support is by a phone call, email or live chat to real people that know the system.


eCorner and ePages - trusted ecommerce solution for over 140,000 stores worldwide

eCorner™ is an Australian provider of secure eCommerce solutions. We help organisations of all shapes and sizes to realise their multi-channel commerce potential. eCorner has developed a packaged service for the mid-range enterprise to help design, implement and deliver powerful ecommerce channels. Our Cloud Enterprise Plus offering gives you total flexibility to deliver a custom storefront that supports multiple channels and business models.