Coresuite Operational Overview

SAP Business One eCommerce using Coresuite and ePages

ePages & Coresuite eCommerce for SAP Business One


Want to add an online shop with eCommerce capabilities for B2B and/or B2C and integrate with SAP Business One? Now you can open your own online shop easily and quickly, and have it fully integrated into SAP Business One. ePages 6 includes all the features you need for your business success in the internet. SAP Business One eCommerce by Coresuite and ePages supports all the latest releases of SAP Business One and is a fully SAP certified integration.

Slim processes thanks to ePages and SAP Business One

coresuite integrates with sap bo

Your company wants sell online but the effort to have to maintain all data in two separate systems is too high? SAP Business One and the eCommerce software, ePages 6, speak the same language. Both applications exchange product, client and order data automatically with each other, maximising your systems efficiency so you can focus on your business.

Accelerate processes. Reduce costs.

Win new clients, retain existent clients, increase the average turnover per client, improve client service – eCommerce opens enterprises to completely new possibilities. At the same time eCommerce can be very cost efficient, but only when your shop system and back office systems integrate to minimise manual effort or double handling. Costs for distribution, marketing and governance are reduced and processes are accelerated considerably. ePages 6 and SAP Business One are connected such that that both applications exchange product, client and order data automatically with each other so you don't have to.



How does Coresuite eCommerce for SAP Business One work


coresuite ecommerce products update


All details (product description, number, price, stock, customer data etc) are maintained in SAP Business One. This information can be transmit the data from SAP Business One automatically to ePages 6. This ensures that data that changes frequently (prices, availability) is always up-to-date out of the ERP.

coresuite ecommerce client data



When a new customer registers himself in your online shop, the data is transmitted in real time to SAP Business One. IF that customer later changes their details (i.e. address, email etc) ePages 6 transfers the new data to SAP and updates the record. The exchange also functions in the other direction: When a merchant changes customer data, he can transmit them with mouse click out of SAP Business One to ePages 6.

coresuite ecommerce order data


Orders get transmitted from the online store in real time to SAP Business One; there the order number is created. The number is straight away given back to the store and displayed to the client in the order confirmation. The order status is maintained in SAP Business One and transmitted from there into the ePages store. The customer can at any point of time get the status of his order via his account with your online store.




Configuring Items to sell online is easy with the Coresuite eComerce Add-on




The item configurator allows for the product to be setup in SAP B1 ready to be transferred to ePages. The Coresuite eCommerce add-on for SAP B1 provides new features to enable a better configuration of the item to be displayed for online shop customers.



The online shop needs to have a more friendly category navigation to show visitors than might be required in SAP BO. So in the item configuration we can assign items to multiple categories that are available for the online store.



The Item Configurator brings all the powerful product features available in ePages into SAP BO so that you have complete control over the product setup in SAP BO.



Features like Cross-selling are very important for the online store. So the configurators lets you prepare your marketing in SAP BO and maintaining it in SAP BO.



eCommerce success requires multiple quality product images for a product. In the configurator you can assign multiple images to the item being sold online.



The web uses CSS and HTML to improve the presentation of text and images to your customers looking at the online store. So the product information that you have like product description must be correctly marked-up using HTML. This is also very important for SEO purposes. Coresuite eCommerce includes a design editor in SAP BO that can do this for you.




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