eCommerce - Step 5 - Delivery and Payments

eCommerce - Step 5 - Delivery and Payments

eCommerce - Step 5 - Delivery and Payments

Accepting Payments from your Customers

Yes, generally you will need to setup an Online Merchant Bank Account with your bank. The payments made by credit card will be sent to that account. Generally your bank will charge you a setup fee and maybe a monthly or annual fee. Additionally you will pay a percentage of each card transaction, generally between 1% - 2% for MasterCard and Visa. American Express and Diners Club may charge additional fees.

You should select the payment options and methods that best suit your business and customers.

accept credit cards or PayPal online safely If you use PayPal Standard or Express Checkout then you do not need an Online Merchant Account with your bank and you can send you funds from PayPal to any account.

Each payment provider (or gateway) will have a different fee structure and you can expect to pay either a percentage of each card transaction or a fixed fee for every transaction. A good tip is to check out the rates for volume transactions as often if you pay a little more upfront you can reduce your transaction fees considerably.

Please note that the setup of your merchant account and transaction fees are subject to your agreement with your payment provider and bank.

If you don't need fully automated credit card processing, have a look at the manual payment methods available with all our stores.

Which payment gateways are supported by your bank?

Each payment gateway service will have agreements with different banks and provide different levels of service. So it is best to contact a few and get the most up to date information about their current offers and costs.

Why use a payment gateway or payment service provider?

The key reason that you would use a payment service provider is security and trust. When you accept credit cards online your bank or PayPal will require that your website comply to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). These are a set of standards that have been defined by the card industry companies like Visa and MasterCard. Failure to comply with these standards may mean that your merchant account facility would be cancelled and that you pay penalty fees. By using a payment provider most (but not all) of the responsibility for the PCI DSS requirements goes to them.

Do I need an SSL Certificate?

eCorner provide a shared SSL certificate through COMODO that is used by all the Cloud Shops that we host as a free service. However if you want to reduce the shopping cart abandonment and also offer a higher level of trust you may need your own SSL Certificate. You can get these from eCorner Store Plus and we can install them on your eCorner hosted eCommerce store.

Your payment provider will also ensure that there is an SSL Certificate covering any pages that are hosted by them and that those pages and servers are PCI DSS compliant.

What about fraud?

Online fraud is increasing dramatically everywhere. The best protection against online fraud is to enable a payment gateway and validate each order that your receive. Never ship your goods for an order if you are concerned that it might be a fraud. You should always ask for a contact phone number and have it as a mandatory requirement. If in doubt call. If you use PayPal there is a setting in your PayPal control panel that will make a phone number mandatory.

Some payment gateways have fraud checking built in such as eWAY's Beagle and PayPal. Even so you may get some potential fraudulent transactions. So make sure you always check each transactions details. If the sales seems too good to be true it probably is not valid.

A good eCommerce system will have a range of options available to you straight out of the box. You simply select and implement the options that best suit your business! ‰‰


  • eWay, Paypal, Secure Pay, Payment Express, Worldpay and many others
  • ‰Paypal – credit card or Paypal account ‰‰Pay on invoice or direct deposit
  • ‰‰Australia Post freight calculation
  • Temando (freight aggregation service)
  • ‰‰International shipping


PayPal and all the payment gateways come with a management system where you can process refunds to card holders


eWAY special offer for eCorner merchants



  • If you are in Australia or New Zealand
  • If you are selling in Australian Dollars
  • If you want to settle to any major Australian Bank
  • If you want to offer deferred payments
  • Request the eCorner offer code now.




SecurePay is a trusted eCorner Partner



  • If you are in Australia
  • If you are selling in Australian Dollars
  • If you want to settle to any major Australian Bank
  • Used SecureFrame fully PCI DSS Compliant
  • Contact eCorner if you want to use SecurePay with ePages
  • Request more information about SecurePay.



eCorner supports Payment Express

Payment Express special offer for eCorner merchants



  • If you want a proven and feature rich platform used by most major merchants in Australasia
  • If you want an affordable partner with no set up or annual license fees
  • If you would like to use any of the major banks in Australia (Banking Connectivity)
  • If you want a customisable solution with maximum uptime
  • Request the eCorner offer code now.




PayPal is a great solution for a business just getting started online.



  • If you want a simple and affordable solution
  • If you don’t have a Merchant Account and want to get started quickly
  • If you are selling in many countries and want to accept multiple currencies
  • If you want to offer a quick checkout to your buyers
  • Apply for a PayPal account now




WorldPay allows you to accept multiple international currencies securely.




  • If you are international
  • If you are selling in many currencies
  • If you want to settle to a foreign or local bank account but do not have a Online Merchant Account
  • Apply for a WorldPay account now



ePages Supports Many International Payment Providers

If you are interested in selling in a foreign country and currency then we will have a gateway that will suit your needs. We support many overseas providers like Skrill, and Google Checkout.

Contact eCorner for more information.

Shipping and Delivery - Prepare for a Sale

Having the correct shipping method available to match your product and yiour customer expectation is really important when you are selling online. The shipping method, speed and cost will be crucial and form part of your unique sales proposition. So think about the methods that are available.


So what shipping methods are available out-of-the-box.

Free Shipping

Consumers love free shipping. If it is possible for you to offer free shipping then it can be a great competitive advantage.

Exemption Shipping method

What this means is that you set a order value that will detremine if shipping is charged or free. So for example you might decide that orders over $100 are shipping free of charge. In this scenario once a customer adds products to the basket and begins to checkout if the total value of the basket is over $100 there will be no shipping cost. However if the basket value is below $100 then the customer is alerted to the fact that by adding some additional prodcuts and increasing the basket value they can get free shipping.

Make sure that you have factored the cost of shipping into your margin calculation. It is no use offereing free shipping and then ending up with a loss.

Australia Post Caluculator

More than 70% of all online orders are sent by Australia Post. So being able to calculate the cost of a shipment directly from Australia Post when your customers are checking out can be a great feature. 

Australia Post will in general only handle shipments up to 22 kg in weight and will not handle dangerous goods such as inflamable products.

Most consumers are used to Australia Posts costs and will be satisfied if you add the accurate cost from Australia Post.

The Australia Post integration can also support domestic and international shipping, and you can select from different Australia Post products such as Express Parcel or Regular Parcel. These will also provide shipping options for your custimers.

It has been proven that consumers online will pay more for faster delivery and be more satisfied as a customer so always consider offering multiple options where they are available.

Shipping by Weight and Region

If you are using a shipping company (not Australia Post) or if you products are large or bulky then you want an ability to calculate costs based on the total weight and the location that you are shipping to. By allowing you to upload complex region and weight tables that you might get from your shipping company you can easily set up any method of shipping cost calulation.

Temando Integration

Temando ( is a shipping aggregator that now handles shipping for over 40,000 companies. When enabled on your online store you need an account with Temando.

Once the consumer reaches the shopping basket Temando will offer the consumer a range of shipping costs based on speed and method of delivery. Temando handles all the rest including managing the pick up and delivery of your shipment.



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