Customer Service

Customer Service

Or: After-sales means future sales

A customer decides on a product in your store and buys it. This is an important step towards success in eCommerce – the next steps that decide whether a one-time customer becomes a loyal patron are still pending. Unfortunately, many online merchants overlook customer care and the provision of after-sales services - and lose many customers because of this. At the same time, it is very easy to keep customers satisfied after a purchase and keep them coming back to your store.

Prompt order confirmation and transparent tracking

After the actual buying process the customer should automatically receive a confirmation e-mail including all order-related information. In your ePages store this confirmation e-mail is generated automatically and sent to the customer. Make it clear to your customers that you are available to lend assistance even after sales, e.g. by offering them several options for getting in touch with you at any time.

Fast and complete delivery

Fast delivery of ordered products is extremely important for the long-term success of your store. You must ensure that customers receive their orders within the promised delivery period. Nothing angers customers more than delivery that is late, incomplete or faulty.

Note: A small give-away included with delivery costs you almost nothing and makes the customer happy. And the customer will always fondly remember your delivery.

Accommodating guarantee and active complaints management

A claim for warranty or an exchange is a situation that can occur time and again. This supposedly critical situation offers the online merchant a substantial opportunity that is often not taken. You can now put your customer-orientation and friendly service to the test. Be accommodating, proactive in your communication, friendly and open – your customers will be grateful and shop again at your store.

The same holds true for customers who complain to you. Take these customers very seriously and actively manage complaints from customers. Opportunity also lies in the complaint – the chance of solving a previously unknown problem.

Note: For this reason, regularly evaluate incoming complaints. Periodic customer surveys

Carry out customer satisfaction surveys at regular intervals. This is the only way you can continuously improve your store and service and serve your customers even better and satisfy them. You can carry out the survey online or send a written questionnaire to the addresses in your customer database.

You can increase the number of completed and returned survey forms by offering an attractive incentive, e.g. a drawing for a prize among all returned forms or a special discount in combination with a time-limited coupon for a specific product.

Note: By the way, you will get a regular, continuous flow of information from your customers if you include a short feedback form in your deliveries.

Additional after-sales services

The customer buys a product in your store. If you stay on the ball now you have a big chance of making a regular customer out of this one-time customer. How? Surprise him with extra services. You sell technically-demanding products? Give your customer access after the sale to additional, useful information such as FAQs, documentation, spare parts lists, explosion drawings, downloads, etc. related to the product that he bought from you. In combination with other customer relationship activities such as periodic newsletters, loyalty discounts, customer accounts and addressing the customer personally, you will be able to sustain increased customer satisfaction, long-term loyalty to your store and thereby the amount of turnover per customer.