eCommerce Marketing and Sales

eCommerce Marketing and Sales

The best most secure and clearly laid out store with the most appealing product offerings and prices stands virtually no chance if it cannot be found by customers. This is why the effective marketing of your online store is one of the major factors for success. The following section describes how best to promote your store with a relatively limited marketing budget and how you’ll be able to integrate it seamlessly into the World Wide Web – so that prospective customers can find your site quickly and then go shopping at your store.

The general question is:

How do I acquire new customers and generate long-term customer loyalty to my store?

In addition, this section also includes detailed answers to the following questions:

  • How do customers find my store and web site?
  • How can I offer my products to customers?
  • How can I increase customer loyalty?
  • How can I make my store known to my target groups?
  • How can I increase the “conversion rate”?

Do you know your prospective customers?

At the beginning of your activities comes the target group analysis. If you are not familiar with your target group there is a big danger that your message in the marketing activities you plan is not communicated to “your” target group or your range of products isn’t appropriate for the target group.

An expensive market analysis is not always needed to find out more about new prospective customers. Collect some ideas about your potential target groups together with your team. Which groups of people could be interested in the products we want to sell online? What problems and demands do these people have with respect to the products you sell? What is the age distribution? If you already have a retail store business and would like to establish the store as an extra sales channel, talk to your regular customers. What needs and demands do these people have and what do they expect from buying on the internet?

Note: There are often free studies on specific target groups or age groups available on the internet. You should be able to find something with a simple search.

Create a target group profile from the information collected and adapt your store, product range and, in particular, marketing activities accordingly. This is how you will be able to avoid the high costs associated with not reaching your target group, make the best use of your budget and precisely target your message to the intended audience – one of the basic requirements of successful marketing!

Often underestimated: the domain and store name

Are you familiar with this? You found a good store on the internet and forgot to bookmark it? A week later you want to visit the store and can’t remember its name – this is terrible for store merchants. This name of your store is somewhat like a company sign on the internet and should always be short, catchy, succinct and thus easy to remember. None of your customers is ever going to remember!

In addition, a good, memorable domain name is aimed at the target groups you want to sell to. If you want to address an older target group, you should choose a serious, easily understood name, whereas a term from a foreign language or one that is flashier may be the right one for younger people in a specific target group.

Note: If the name you want with the ending “” is already taken, the ending “.biz” is very appropriate for stores on the internet.

In principle, you can choose any domain name you wish – as long as you do not infringe upon the rights of others with the name of your store (see the section on Law). Making use of brand research services is a good idea for avoiding this. This is the only way to preclude the legal consequences that can result in your having to change your domain name – with a deadly impact on your marketing.